Illustration by Mary Berger | Art Director

Illustration by Mary Berger | Art Director

Orientation Guide 2021

Message from The Post

Welcome, class of 2025, to your Bobcat Student Orientation. Whether you are attending BSO on the bricks of Athens or through your computer screen, rest assured you are at the beginning of a wonderful journey. Being a Bobcat means becoming a part of a huge community that will usher you into its ranks no matter the modality of your BSO experience.

Nonetheless, orientation can be overwhelming — and that’s why we’re here to help. The Post’s 2021 Orientation Guide is filled with a plethora of resources for incoming Bobcats. From people and places to know to where to fix your caffeinated craving and how to approach in-person classes, this guide serves as your informal orientation to college. Take a look at our articles, listicles, photos and more as you prepare for an unforgettable Fall Semester. We can’t wait to meet you.

Warm regards,

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Abby Miller | Editor-In-Chief

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News Briefs

COVID-19 Testing Changes

Rules and Regulations

Faces in the Crowd

Important Buildings

Understanding Student Senate

Buying for Bobcats

Cashing in with Student Jobs

Cultivating Success

Our Favorites of Athens

Accommodating Athens’ Appetites

Allied in the Arts

Co-Conspirators Create Change

Always Art in Athens

Student Survival Suggestions

Building a Business While Busy

OU Queer Community Spaces

Bettering Bobcats’ Well-Being

Mental Health Matters

Men's Basketball Expectations

Football's Future

Hockey: Looking Ahead

Field Hockey Reflections

Volleyball Preview

Soccer Preview

Baseball's New Leadership

So Listen: Academic Tips

Cat's Cradle: Enter the World of Publishing

Noah's Ark: Transfer Student Tips

Pondering with Patterson

Campbell's Corner: Out of State Students

From the Editor's Desk

Welcome Bobcats!

President's Welcome

Welcome Back Playlist

Dining Hall Nutrition

BSO Dining Out Itinerary

4 Ways to DIY a Mask

Freshman Year Essentials

Things You Didn’t Know Before College

Tips for In-Person Class

Online College: First Gen