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Accommodating Athens’ Appetites

May 27, 2021

Here’s a guide to eating vegan, dietary and allergy accommodated food in Athens

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U ptown Athens is full of various cuisines. Dining out at a local restaurant is a fun way to get to know new friends or catch up with old ones. For those with food allergies or dietary restrictions, dining out requires extra precaution. To help make enjoying all uptown has to offer a bit easier, here's a guide on a few safe eating options in Athens:

Dining Halls

A major part of living on Ohio University’s campus is eating in the dining halls. OU has a registered dietitian and nutrition educator, Angie Bohyer. If one has a food allergy or a special diet need, they can contact her at

"I can share that during (Bobcat Student Orientation), consistent with other times of the year, our OHIO Culinary Services’ menus, nutritional information and allergens will be available in each venue and on the Culinary Services app,” Gwyn Scott, associate vice president for auxiliaries, said in an email.

The Culinary Services app can be downloaded onto smartphones through the app store.

Odyssey Nutrition

Located at 9 W. Union St., Odyssey Nutrition is a smoothie and juice bar. It specializes in meal replacement smoothies and energizing teas. Odyssey accommodates dietary restrictions and allergies.

“At Odyssey Nutrition we are exactly what our name says we’re all about health and exploring different options that not only taste good but are good for you,” Stephen Adonis, media contact at Odyssey Nutrition, said in an email. “Primarily we serve protein… replacement smoothies that are plant-based, herbal aloe for digestive health and herbal teas that help improve energy. My number one focus is making sure that what we serve creates nutritional value without all the extra empty calories, while still maintaining amazing flavor, all being a positive environment. We welcome individuals of all ages to come on out and enjoy what we offer at Odyssey Nutrition.”

Bagel Street Deli

Bagel Street Deli’s menu is sectioned into different genres of bagel sandwiches. The restaurant, located at 27 S. Court St., has two sections that are titled “Veggie Delights” and “Tofu Time” that accommodates well to vegans and vegetarians. Vegan cream cheese is available as well. Cheese is optional on all menu items. Bagel Street Deli also has a selection of salads to choose from for those with a gluten allergy or other dietary restrictions that keep them from eating bagels.

Fluff Bakery

Fluff Bakery, located at 8 N. Court St., has a “veggie specialties” part of its menu with a variety of vegan and vegetarian options such as a vegan breakfast burrito and a pesto egg and cheese sandwich. Additionally, Fluff Bakery has four different rice bowls that are all gluten free. Their pastries and baked goods also accommodate vegan people and gluten allergies. The bakery serves desserts such as a gluten free cream cheese swirl brownie, a vegan chocolate chip cookie and more.

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