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Pondering with Patterson

May 27, 2021

Pondering with Patterson: Voigt Hall is the hidden gem of housing

By Lauren Patterson | For The Post

O ne of the many ins and outs to navigate before becoming a bobcat is student living. On the Ohio University website, the housing requirement states that any student under the age of 23 with less than 4 academic semesters must live in the residence halls. So, in most cases, students will live in the residence halls for two years. When considering a dorm to live in, each has its own set of pros and cons to be considered. For Bobcat gals, Voigt Hall is surely worth considering because of its history and incredible perks.

Voigt’s Residence Hall Profile shares that the building was constructed in 1954, and was named after Irma Voigt who was the Dean of Women at Ohio University from 1913 to 1949. Ohio’s Hall Configuration Summary states that Voigt Hall is a mixed-class dorm, also serving as the only dorm at Ohio University to be gendered to female only. In terms of Greens, Voigt is the only residence hall to actually reside on North Green, although it is considered to be East on the university’s Hall Configuration Summary.

As an incoming freshman, when I had received my pick date and time Voigt Hall was the only dorm available to select. I experienced fears of location in terms of other dorms, and missed experiences regarding a lack of co-ed living. Many incredible benefits came from living in Voigt Hall though, showcasing this hidden gem option for student living.

The location of Voigt Hall is beneficial for students. Already on top, residence on North Green saves you from the likely “morning huff” up Jeff Hill to attend your first class. For journalism students, Voigt Hall is a simple crosswalk away from Schoonover Center and the Radio Television Building. Court Street is also one street over, allowing for supporting favorite local businesses to come easy.

Another perk found within Voigt Hall is the inclusion of a kitchen. Depending on meal plan, extra swipes or Bobcat Cash could land you with groceries or ingredients. This access to utilities reaps benefits, giving extra options to prepare snacks or meals. It is one of only nine residence halls to provide this amenity.

The history of Voigt speaks loudly, emitting powerful female energy. Voigt also includes a Specialized Living Experience, Women’s Leadership, which “is home to domestic and international female students. Residents of Voigt strive to build a strong, inclusive community where women can grow and develop together into strong female leaders on campus.”

My experience at Voigt Hall debunked previous fears and turned out to provide many benefits, making it the perfect hidden gem. With its prime location, perks and history, Voigt is ideal and exceptional.

Living in any residence hall at Ohio University is sure to give you the proper dorm experience. However, if you are a female student presented with a choice of residence hall, take a leap of faith on Voigt Hall to discover its perks and history.

Lauren Patterson is a junior studying journalism. Please note that the views and ideas of columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Want to talk to Lauren? Tweet her @lpaatt.

AUTHOR: Lauren Patterson
EDITOR: Mikayla Rochelle
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