The scenic Emeriti Park, located along South Green Drive on May 16, 2021.

The scenic Emeriti Park, located along South Green Drive on May 16, 2021.

Important Buildings

May 27, 2021

Buildings around campus all new students should know about

By Bekah Bostick | Slot Editor

O hio University’s main campus is home to many important buildings that students should get familiar with during their time in Athens. Since there are many buildings that offer different services, it can get confusing to know what is offered at which building. Here are a few buildings that incoming students can get familiar with before arriving on campus:

Alden Library

Alden Library, located at 30 Park Place, gives students a place to work and study throughout the school year. Alden has many things to offer students, including computers and other devices, borrowing materials, meeting spaces and even advising sessions at the Allen Student Advising Center.

Alden’s website also gives students access to some materials and services it provides, including room reservations, access to its archives and the ability to chat with staff members about materials needed to complete a project.

Baker University Center

Baker University Center, located at 1 Park Place, houses many important offices that are beneficial for students. This building has space for conferences, craft nights, a coffee house and a restaurant, among many other things.

Baker holds offices for Student Senate, the Campus Involvement Center, the Dean of Students, the LGBT Center, Student Accessibility Services and more.

Ohio University Police Department

The Ohio University Police Department, or OUPD, located at 118 Ridges Circle, is the central location for OU police officers to investigate and stop crime at OU.

OUPD also offers many services for students to take advantage of. There is a Rape Aggression Defense program that teaches self-defense skills in life-threatening situations, vehicle assistance services for students who experience car troubles and more.

Office of Global Opportunities

The Office of Global Opportunities, located at 15 Park Place, helps students choose and plan for study abroad programs. It provides information on U.S.-based trips as well as international and virtual experiences.

There are many programs available for students, and this building helps students discover which programs are offered for their field of study and how to financially plan for the trip. Its website gives students a place to browse which programs are available and what else is offered.

Chubb Hall

Chubb Hall, located at 74 S. Court St., is the location of the Office of the Bursar and the University Registrar. One of this building’s focus areas is collecting money for the university, such as tuition and fees.

The Office of the Bursar’s website has links that allow students to see how to pay tuition, choose a payment plan, pick a payment option and more. The Registrar holds students’ academic records and processes students registering for classes.

AUTHOR: Bekah Bostick
EDITOR: Ryan Maxin
COPY EDITOR: Anna Garnai
PHOTO: Tanner Pearson