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Welcome Back Playlist

May 27, 2021

7 songs to comfort you this new school year

By Logan Humphrey | For The Post

A s the new school year approaches, it’s important to have a good essential playlist to get through the year. The first few weeks can seem very overwhelming, but with the right songs you are guaranteed to improve your mood. Whether you’re walking to class, studying, hanging out with friends or even trying to relax, music can provide the best comfort. Here are some great, catchy tunes to keep you motivated for the new semester:

“Be Sweet” by Japanese Breakfast

To start the playlist off is this hypnotic, high-energy tune by Japanese Breakfast. Full of nostalgic 80’s elements, the song is extremely captivating with it’s easily catchy chorus “Be sweet to me baby / I wanna believe in you / I wanna believe.” It’s colorful and poppy, just right to get you in a happier attitude.

“Good Days” by SZA

An outstanding song by standout R&B artist SZA, encapsulates the idea of trying to have a positive attitude with good days on your mind, as well as letting go of the past and looking ahead in the future. While it’s optimistic message is important, the tune has a soothing, ethereal melody, perfect to provide comfort on bad days.

“Shy Away” by Twenty One Pilots

Infused with a heavy production of bass and percussion, “Shy Away” does not “shy away” from being an impressive and unforgettable tune. With inspirational lyrics “Don’t you shy away / manifest the ceiling when you shy away / searching for that feeling just like an ‘I love you’” inspires one to follow their dreams without straying away from their true potential. It encourages you to manifest your own ceiling and go even further.

“Coming of Age” by Blondes

If you’re looking for that coming-of-age film ending, this song captures it perfectly. The nostalgic tune focuses on youthfulness and fulfilling one’s desires. While it is not as upbeat as most songs on this playlist, it is determined to help you stay relaxed and comforted.

“Don’t Take the Money” by Bleachers

While it’s not actually about taking money, this uplifting anthem is determined to boost your mood with its nostalgic influences and energetic beat. The song resembles the end of a John Hughes film, guaranteeing that coming-of-age feeling. It has an overlying meaning of the song of fighting for what you love.

“Green Lights” by BEKA

Written when COVID-19 restrictions started to be lifted, the song resembles a new sense of liberation and optimism. It features a chorus with a meaning that many can relate to, “Feels brighter now / we’re rising up / no hiding out / only green lights for us.” It features a synth-pop production with a little hint of R&B.

“A-O-K” by Tai Verdes

When life seems to be taking a turn for the worse and you feel stuck, “A-O-K” is the perfect de-stress song, reminding you that everything will be “A-O-K.” With a catchy whistling tune, this song undoubtedly will get stuck in your head while you go through your day. The song will turn your frown upside down as it inspires one to “be makin’ lemonade'' when troubles are coming their way.

AUTHOR: Logan Humphrey
EDITOR: Mady Lewellyn
COPY EDITOR: Anastasia Carter
ILLUSTRATION: Olivia Juenger