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The Post's 2022-23 Orientation Guide

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Message from The Post

Hello everyone, and welcome to Bobcat Student Orientation! I hope all you freshly minted Bobbies and proud Bobcat guests are enjoying your orientation experiences at one of Earth’s most beautiful college campuses.

I know BSO better than most. As an incoming freshman in 2020, I experienced orientation completely online, so although it may be hard to believe, I understood even less about OU then than you think you do now. A year later, I decided to become an orientation leader to try to help students like me, those who were wide-eyed and bushy-tailed and cautiously optimistic about their journeys in Athens.

Because of that experience, I know firsthand the sheer amount of support available to everyone at OU, especially to first-time students, and it starts with your orientation leaders. They are extremely passionate about making OU feel less like a strange, new place and more like your forever hOUmes (sorry, I couldn’t help myself), so ask them any questions you have!

You’ve finally gotten the keys, now go take OU for a spin.


Ryan Maxin | Editor-In-Chief

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