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December 2, 2021

From the Editor’s Desk: Reflecting on a year filled with news

By Abby Miller | Editor-in-Chief

After 2020 gave us the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, there was a sense of longing in the air for the arrival of 2021.

We rang in 2021 with the hope that we would see an end to the pandemic, that the craziness of modern politics would slow down and that we would have a comparably more normal year back on Ohio University’s campus. But, if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t assume the standard course of action will always pan out.

The beginning of 2021 allowed for some students to return to campus for Spring Semester. I lived off-campus, and getting to meet new Posties who had been working for us virtually in the spring was a great experience. They, along with all the other new Bobcats on campus, dealt with a slew of growing pains, such as long dining hall lines, COVID-19 operations and less campus events to attend.

The return of students also meant a return to activism. Protests in support of Black lives, against AAPI hate and in favor of university professors all took place. OU has always been a supportive community to any and all Bobcat, and the reemergence of protests was one of the biggest indicators that OU students were coming back in full force.

There’s been changes administratively, too. Most notably, former OU President Duane Nellis stepped down in May, making way for President Hugh Sherman. Nellis pointed to his love for teaching as a factor in his decision, and he will return to teaching geography. However, Nellis’ administration was heavily criticized by students, faculty and other university stakeholders for its handling of the alleged budget crisis and waves of mass layoffs leading up to his decision.

At The Post, we faced our own set of challenges during what was a hectic year for everyone. We dealt with doing our work in remote and hybrid formats, and in the summer, we were forced to reckon with the possibility of losing our business manager. This led to an outpour of support, both across social media and in the form of donations. We are incredibly grateful for the support and kindness the community has extended to us during a period where so many are struggling. Now, the business manager position will be expanded to director of student media, and we cannot wait to see what Andrea Lewis does in the position in the new year and beyond.

The Post has accomplished so much in 2021 despite every obstacle thrown in its way. I’ve gotten to see our staff getting to know each other in the newsroom again, individuals publishing content they’re incredibly proud of and the return of notable events such as Homecoming and Election Night. The Postie bond, after a time of isolation, is now stronger than ever.

While 2021 threw us a slew of new challenges, we’ve all made it through 100% of our worst days. That is something to celebrate as we look toward 2022 with bright eyes and a renewed sense of hope.

Abby Miller is a senior studying journalism and political science at Ohio University and the editor-in-chief of The Post. Have questions? Email Abby at or tweet her @abblawrence.

AUTHOR: Abby Miller
EDITOR: Mikayla Rochelle
COPY EDITOR: Anna Garnai