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2. Not having enough money for the future

Marisa Fernandez / Senior Writer

About 40 percent of adults in the United States have a fear of not having enough money for the future, making it the No. 3 fear in the U.S. To OU students, it’s the second greatest fear on their minds.

Percent of OU students with this fear: 23.3%

As a freshman, Martin Kalebic works hard to secure a future in which he has money. He is pursuing his dream of marketing and sales in the Schey Sales Centre, but he is also following a practical route with an accounting and business pre-law degree.

He loves the social aspect of sales and marketing, but to his parents, sales sometimes has no safety net.

"My parents are both CPAs, so I was pushed to become an accountant because the job security was more appealing,” Kalebic said. “Every company needs an accountant."

To Kalebic, his fear is not an irrational one. It’s a reality many students face because of the price tag for a degree — especially in business. Kalebic said a bachelor’s degree is tough to sell to an employer, and a graduate degree is a must.

"I associate fear of money in the future with the ability to get a job,” he said. "It’s getting harder and harder to get one."

Kalebic welcomes the challenge. His fear is an opportunity to take advantage of higher education.

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