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Illustration by Abbie Kinney | Art Director.

The Post's 2023-24 Orientation Guide

Message from The Post

Welcome, class of 2027, to Bobcat Student Orientation! What an exciting journey you are embarking on, and here at The Post, we are so proud of you all for beginning this next chapter. Ohio University has a wonderful community, and we are sure each and every one of you will make it better in your own way.

Still, BSO can be intimidating. We are here to help. The Post’s 2023 Orientation Guide is full of resources, testimonies and advice for each and every blossoming Bobcat. We invite you to take a look at our articles, illustrations, photos and more and get excited for an amazing beginning. We cannot wait to meet you.



Katie Millard | Editor-In-Chief

Signature of Katie Millard, Editor-In-Chief of The Post

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