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Published May 26, 2023

Bar food breakdown

The complete guide to Court Street bar menus

By Alex Imwalle | Investigative Editor

F or the following project, data visualizations were created and compiled from an overarching data set highlighting different aspects of all Court Street bar food. The data includes the menu items of every bar on Court Street with an active kitchen: Broney’s Bar & Grill, Courtside Pizza, North End Kitchen + Bar, Stephen’s Restaurant & Bar, The Over Hang, The Pigskin Bar and Grille and The Pub. Information on each of the establishments was recorded over many months, utilizing menu information found online and in-store. For the purpose of the project, and to ensure proper context throughout, outlier menu items were removed from consideration; that includes disproportionately inexpensive menu items or additions, such as additional sauces or small sides, as well as excessively expensive menu items, such as catered portions or meals designed to feed multiple patrons. Similarly, the data does not include custom items that may warrant additional cost. All of those omissions were made with the intent to preserve the application of the project's findings.

The bars included in the project have become staples to thousands of Ohio University students, and now, with this cheat sheet, incoming freshmen can gain four years’ worth of Court Street bar-food expertise in just one quick read.

AUTHOR: Alex Imwalle
EDITOR: Hannah Campbell
COPY EDITOR: Addie Hedges