Photo by Cole Patterson

Photo by Cole Patterson

April 28, 2023

Search The Post’s 2022 Salary Guide

By Ryan Maxin | Editor-in-Chief

Editor’s Note: The total earnings column has been adjusted to best reflect university employees' earnings for the 2022 calendar year by combining additional compensation and base salary received.

The long-awaited Salary Guide for the 2022 fiscal year is finally here, and it's a good one.

If you're not aware, each year The Post publishes a searchable database of the total salaries of all of Ohio University's employees, according to data from the university. Using the Salary Guide, you can find how much your favorite (or least favorite) professor makes and compare their salary to the salaries of your other professors. You can see how much each of Ohio's head sports coaches make in relation to the university's biggest decision makers, like the president, provost and chief financial officer. The Salary Guide is a one stop shop for all your biggest salary questions.

This year, the Salary Guide features the base salary of OU's first female president, Lori Stewart Gonzalez. She's slated to make $600,000 when she joins the university in July, and it can only increase, according to her employment agreement. That's $111,000 more than what President Hugh Sherman's base salary was when he was hired, according to a previous Post report.

The highest paid person at OU remains Jeff Boals, Ohio basketball's head coach. He made just over $725,000 in total compensation in 2022, an increase of more than $25,000 from his 2021 salary, according to the 2021 Salary Guide. Tim Albin, Ohio's head football coach, made just under $550,000 in 2022.

So, search away! The Salary Guide is an open resource for all who are interested in the salary decisions of the university, and it's just begging to be utilized by all of you.

AUTHOR: Ryan Maxin
PHOTO: Cole Patterson
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