Photo by Kevin Pan

Photo by Kevin Pan

February 25, 2021

Search The Post’s 2020 Salary Guide

By Abby Miller | News Editor

The Post’s second salary guide to date shows each Ohio University employee’s salary in 2020 in the database below. Each university employee’s name, title and organization is listed.

Similar to The Post’s previous salary guide released in 2019, the database includes all nine- and 12-month employees who earned a salary during the fiscal year.

The data below also accounts for salary changes due to the furlough that was enacted July 1, 2020, the start of a new fiscal year, Shelly Bean, OU public records compliance coordinator, said.

The furlough is for all non-bargaining OU employees, including faculty, administrative and non-union classified employees.

The dataset was obtained through a public records request to OU’s Office of Legal Affairs. Upon receiving the data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, empty cells were filled with “N/A,” organization codes were removed and data were organized in order of salary.

The Post released its second salary guide to provide these publicly available numbers to readers. In order to best inform the OU and Athens communities, a new salary guide will be released each year.

Users can search the data by name, organization, title or salary in the search bar below. Click on the arrow buttons beside column names to filter specific records.

AUTHOR: Abby Miller
EDITOR: Nolan Simmons
COPY EDITOR: Bre Offenberger
PHOTO: Kevin Pan