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October 24, 2019

Search The Post’s Salary Guide

The Post’s salary guide shows each university employee’s salary in 2019 in the table below. The table shows information such as the specific salary, organization and title of each employee.

The spreadsheet reflects the amount for 12-month employees, July 1 to June 30, who earn a salary based on the fiscal year and for 9-month employees, Aug. 16 to May 30, who earn a salary based on the academic year, Shelly Bean, Ohio University Public Records Compliance Coordinator, said in an email.

The data behind this table is public data that was provided to The Post in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The Post has cleaned up the data by filling in empty cells with “N/A” and removing codes in front of organization names. The data is also ordered from the highest to lowest salary. Anyone can request this same dataset from Ohio University’s Office of Legal Affairs under the open records law, section 149.43 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Open Records Act.

The reason why we have decided to publish this information is to provide these numbers to readers. Students, alumni and others within the Athens community have the right to know this information, and The Post will continue to hold Ohio University accountable with our salary guide. Each year, the salaries of OU’s employees will be updated within this easy-to-use database.

Use the search bar below to find the name, organization, title(s) and salaries and click on the arrow buttons beside column names to filter specific records.

Want to see the data for yourself? Download the 2015-2019 salary data here.

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