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LAST UPDATED: September 4, 2019


Mapping crimes on OU’s campus and in Athens

By Ellen Wagner | Editor-In-Chief

The population of Athens increases when students arrive for the start of the school year. The same happens to the rate of crime.

The Ohio University Police Department and the Athens Police Department took 49 reports of crime from Aug. 23 to Sept. 2.

Both departments, however, expect crime reports to increase when students arrive back on campus.

APD Chief Tom Pyle said most crimes occur where there are high populations of people.

“The crime rates, when you look at them, are city signatures,” Pyle said.

In APD’s jurisdiction, popular areas for crimes include Walmart, which is located at 929 E. State St., and the downtown area where students live, including Court Street, Mill Street and High Street.

Walmart is a huge signature due to the number of thefts and amount of shoplifting that are reported. The east, west and south sides of Athens have their own pockets of crime, Pyle said.

OUPD Lt. Tim Ryan said his department notices trends in locations on campus by the types of crime that occur.

“Areas with high concentration are where most things happen,” Ryan said.

This can include areas like residence halls or Alden Library, where students leave out their devices, such as laptops and cell phones, which can be stolen.

A map of APD and OUPD's crime log
Click a point on the map to see the details of each crime reported from Aug. 23 to Sept. 2. Updates will occur throughout the semester to reflect the most recent crimes reported.
SOURCE: OUPD and APD Crime reports

This year’s Welcome Weekend saw no impact on the number of reports in comparison to previous years, and both departments were prepared for the students’ return to Athens.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened during Welcome Weekend this year. APD had similar arrest numbers as a normal weekend during the school year, Pyle said.

“Comparing it to the past couple of years, it was quiet,” Pyle said.

The overall report numbers from OUPD were the same as last year’s Welcome Weekend. Reports only increased from the summer since the majority of the population returned to the city, Ryan said.

Some of the most frequent crimes that occurred during the 10 days were alcohol-related, thefts and sexual assault reports.

There were seven alcohol offenses that happened during Welcome Weekend. Reports included underage consumption of alcohol, disorderly conduct by intoxication and open container.

OUPD took six of the reports. Most of the reports took place in or near residence halls as well as downtown locations.

Most of the students who get caught for alcohol are underclassmen since they are more likely to get caught, Ryan said.

There were also eight reported thefts to OUPD and APD. Four of the reports came from residence halls while others were from the downtown area and Walmart.

During the 10 days, OUPD and APD had four reports of sex offsenses.

On Aug. 29, OUPD took two sex offense reports. One report was of citations issued to a man for public indecency and underage consumption of alcohol. The other report was for a man who was charged with sexual imposition.

On Aug. 31, APD took a report of sexual battery by a woman on the city’s west end by an unknown subject. APD also took a report of rape on Sept. 1 from a woman on the south side of the city by a known subject. Both matters are currently under investigation.

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