The Post's Special Projects

Here lies the special projects written and produced by students in our newsroom.

Getting started

To create your own new special project:

  1. Clone to your desktop
  2. Navigate to the Working-SpecialProject and select New Template
  3. When you're done naming the project, move it to the SpecialProjects folder - This allows the project to go live
  4. Open the GitHub application and type in a summary of what you did - You can do this throughout your time working on the project so you can go back to certain places you saved
  5. Make sure to press "push origin" every time you make changes and write a summary
  6. When you are finished, make sure there are no changes left and press "fetch origin"

Style Guide


The Post has two main fonts for special projects. Montserrat is the standard sans serif font, while Playfair Display is the serif font. In some cases, it's okay to use different fonts for design purposes with good reason.


```css font-family: "Montserrat", Arial, sans-serif; ```

Playfair Display

```css font-family: "Playfair Display", Georgia, serif; ```


Below outlines the hex code colors for all the different staff sections as well as The Post's black color used in the logo and on the main website.

| Swatch | Name | Hex | :----- | :--- | :-- | ![#282828]( | "The Post" black | #282828 | ![#6ab7de]( | News blue | #6ab7de | ![#ea148c]( | Culture magenta | #ea148c | ![#f27f30]( | Opinion orange | #f27f30 | ![#d8bd3f]( | The Beat yellow | #d8bd3f | ![#c8433a]( | Sports red | #c8433a | ![#065c42]( | Multimedia green | #065c42 | ![#644d94]( | Projects purple | #644d94


Image and video blocks:

Make sure all photos are RGB and aren't too big. Usually the longest side of the photo should be no more than 1,000 pixels.



Breakout boxes:

Galleries and slideshows:


Taylor Johnston, Digital Managing Editor

Mijana Mazur, Web Development Director


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