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Non-OU Instagram accounts

Published August 15, 2022

The ultimate guide: non-Ohio University affiliated instagram accounts

By Juliana Colant | For The Post

During the short four (or more) years a Bobcat spends on campus, there's a lot to stay up to date with. From bar specials to social events, to new merch, one way to stay on top of all Athens happenings is Instagram. Not sure where to start? Pull out your phone and check out this ultimate guide to non-Ohio University-affiliated Instagram accounts:



BrickLife Entertainment plays an integral role in the social scene of students in Athens. It is an event promotion company based in Athens "run by Ohio University students for Ohio University students." The company hosts popular events throughout the school year like Fest Season and other weekly events on Court Street.

BrickLife posts party and bar event flyers, including their DJs that will be playing. Before events, they will post hype videos to get students excited, and after events, they will post photos and recap videos, all produced by OU students.


South By Sea sells custom OU apparel. The brand consistently launches new lines of merchandise ranging in style and theme. Shoppers can choose from sweatshirts, crewnecks, T-shirts and tank tops. Every few weeks, South By Sea launches a new line of Athens or OU-themed apparel, typically only selling one or two lines simultaneously. Interested buyers can shop in the online store. South By Sea is especially popular amongst sorority and fraternity life for an event or chapter-specific merchandise. On-campus representatives help advertise new merchandise and run the OU branch of South By Sea. Always be on the lookout for their next merchandise drop!


Barstool Ohio is a Barstool Sport-affiliated account that posts original content about the social scene on OU's campus. A large portion of the content is followers submitting videos and pictures.

People direct message Barstool Ohio hoping their submissions are posted on the Instagram page. Followers will also find posts of trendy, original and relatable memes. Barstool Ohio is a big fan of OU sports, supporting them with game updates and rivalry banter.

Barstool Ohio heavily covers popular social events like HallOUween and Fest Season. If you are a fan of Barstool Sports, the account advertises the brand's merchandise, notifying followers of limited edition clothing and sales. Barstool Ohio has a Twitter and TikTok account as well.

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Ohio Chicks is another Barstool Sports-affiliated account for a women's audience. The account posts original memes, The Bachelorette/The Bachelor content and Barstool merch advertisements. Another content aspect is photos and video submissions from followers. Anyone can direct message the account photos or videos, and Ohio Chicks may post them on the account. Also, every Tuesday, the page does a "Tinder Tuesday" where people submit tinder message screenshots they find funny, weird or obscure. Ohio Chicks also has a TikTok and Twitter account.


U Tees OU is a custom apparel company selling Athens and OU-themed merchandise. Their original designs interchange, always giving shoppers something new to purchase. People can buy various apparel, from sweatshirts to trucker hats to T-shirts.

Currently, they are selling Athens trucker hats and OU class of 2026 T-shirts. Sorority and fraternity apparel is also popular within the company for themed events or specific chapters. Interested buyers can check out their online store. Stay up-to-date on their latest styles via their Instagram account.


Pumpkin is the adorable orange ball-of-fluff that lives at the Athens County Board of Elections. This Instagram page is a fan account bursting with cute photos and dedicated to anything and everything Pumpkin, the cat and is. He is beloved by many and often can be found in the window of the Board of Elections, relaxing in his bed or walking around.

As people walk down the street, they can't help but stop to take photos and gush as Pumpkin lounges around. This account is perfect for Pumpkin fans, and anyone who is not one will become a fan after checking out the page. Can't get enough of Pumpkin? He has a fan account on Twitter too!

Athens Coffee Shops

Court Street is home to many local coffee shops that offer options for studying, meeting up with friends or simply hanging out. Following the local coffee shops’ Instagram pages is an excellent way to stay in the know of new drinks and specials. Local Court Street coffee shops include Brenen's Coffee Cafe, Court Street Coffee and Donkey Coffee.

Athens Bars

Regardless of what you are looking for in a bar, Court Street's variety is sure to have something for everyone. Some bars and restaurants offer a wide menu of sports bar food, like Broneys Bar & Grill, The Pigskin Sports Bar & Grill, Lucky's Sports Tavern, and The Pub Bar.

Stephens on Court and The Overhang serves American-style food, and Courtside Pizza mainly serves, well, pizza. If looking to grab a drink, check out bars like The J Bar, Pawpurr's Bar, Red Brick Tavern, The C.I. and The Crystal

The Union Bar is known for its live bands almost every weekend. Following the local bars on Instagram keeps patrons up to date on drink and food specials, events, operating hours and featured DJs.

Athens local eats

Athens is full of local eateries. Follow them on Instagram to see their business hours, featured food and specials.

Jackie O's Brewery is known for its craft beer. Bagel Street Deli has a plethora of bagel sandwiches for any meal. FRY'D is known for everything fried food, from pickle fries to tater tots. Casa Nueva specializes in Mexican-inspired food and often hosts live music. Big Mamma's Burritos wraps giant burritos stuffed to the brim. Goodfellas sells square pizza, either by the slice or by the sheet. Souvlakis is a family owned and run greek restaurant. Hot dog fans should check out O'Betty's Red Hot. Fluff Bakery bakes homemade goods and serves brunch food.