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Illustration by Trevor Brighton | Art Director

Back to School Fashion Inspiration

Published August 15, 2022

Back to the bricks fashion forecast

By Grace Brezine | Assistant Beat Editor

As the first day of school creeps around the corner, you’re probably getting ready to step back into the classroom. While buying the right books and a variety of highlighters are important, so is the attire you’ll be showing up in. Walking around campus to and from classes and meetings is tiring, so wearing something you are both comfortable and confident in is key.

Whether you prefer the business casual or the rolled-right-out-of-bed vibe, you’ll find some inspiration here and possibly try something new. This is the year to update your wardrobe and step out of your comfort zone. As they always say: “If you look good, you feel good.”

Matching sets

Of course, this wouldn’t be a fashion forecast without a few matching set ideas. They are timeless, easy to throw on and make you look a lot more put together than you probably are after staying up all night before your early morning class. Whether you want to go the sportier or dressier route, the options are endless. Amazon has great workout sets that can double as a class and gym fit. Throw on a zip-up if you tend to get cold, and there you go. If you want to look slightly more professional and/or spandex isn’t for you, there are even more great sets from Amazon that are extremely cute, yet so comfortable. This button-down and shorts set can be dressed up or down with some cute accessories or a pair of sneakers. The options are endless.

Cargo pants

The fashion world is being taken by storm with the newly trending cargo pants. However, they can be tricky to style. First off, you will need a good pair of these pants. Amazon sells Dickies for a great price, and they will last you a lifetime. You can also find a pair from Walmart or at a thrift store near you.

Now, for the fun part. You can style these pants in many ways, depending on where you’re headed. For class, throw on a basic, neutral-colored top and a sweatshirt of your choice. If you want to throw in a little more spice, wear a baby graphic tee. And if you are heading out for the night, throw on your favorite dressier top. This can be a corset, halter top, or even a shirt with some flattering cut-outs. However you style your cargo pants, you will look both fashionable and comfortable with little effort.

Oversized sweatshirts

Dressing up every day will start to get old throughout the semester, especially as your schedule becomes busier. A trendy oversized sweatshirt is the way to go when you are on the go and simply want to be at optimal comfort. Plus, with fall comes colder weather, and no one wants to freeze on their way to class.

Various websites carry sweatshirts for several styles. Brandy Melville has some great options for simple, neutral sweatshirts that are also nice quality, from hoodies to zip-ups. If you like wearing brighter colors, Urban Outfitters has a plethora of fun graphic hoodies. They also have a wonderful selection of graphic tees. Thrift stores are also a great place to go for well-priced, unique sweatshirts and t-shirts.

The perfect pair of shoes

Finding a new pair of sneakers to walk around campus all day that will be comfortable yet cute and match with a variety of outfits is overwhelming. Many brands offer fashionable sneakers while also providing some support for the running around you’ll be doing as school begins.

To start, you can never go wrong with a pair of Nikes. You can find anything from a simple tennis shoe to high tops on their website, depending on what your style is. Converse has also been upping their shoe game lately, literally. They have platform shoes in nearly every style and color you can imagine that will elevate any look. Lastly, New Balances are also a great route to choose. They provide extreme comfort that matches any of your new outfits, both casual and dressy.

AUTHOR: Grace Brezine
EDITOR: Emma Dollenmayer
COPY EDITOR: Katie Trott
ILLUSTRATION: Trevor Brighton