Athens Again

Published August 15, 2022

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What are you most excited for for fall semester?

McKenna Christy: I am most excited to see my friends and for us to be roommates!

Mimi Calhoun: I'm most excited to be back with my student organizations.

Mimi Calhoun: I'm most excited to be back with my student organizations.

Anastasia Carter: I am ecstatic to get back into a routine and work on new projects.

Katie Millard: Jumping back into extracurriculars (like The Post) and getting to be in Athens again. It really is the greatest place.

Isabel Nissley: I am looking forward to all the new opportunities that fall semester will bring. I have some classes that I am super excited to begin, and a new job that is unlike anything I have done before. The start of fall semester also brings cooler nights and falling leaves, providing a naturally beautiful reminder that Athens is changing along with us.

Grace Koennecke: I'm most excited to start up my weekly radio show again for ACRN. I find so much joy playing music for my friends and family, and this year I have a lot in store for it!

Tate Raub: I’m most excited for getting to be around my friends all the time again.

Alex Imwalle: Last year, as a freshman, I had many opportunities to meet new people, but I believe that I missed out on some experiences because I was nervous and in a new environment. Now that I am fully comfortable and feel most at home in Athens, I am excited to return and take advantage of every new opportunity presented to me.

Alyssa Cruz: I am most excited to get back into the swing of things with all the hustle and bustle of campus and Athens.

What advice do you have for move-in?

McKenna Christy: My advice for move-in is to give yourself, and whoever is helping you move in, patience.

Mimi Calhoun: Don't have any expectations and just go with the flow.

Katie Millard: Make your space feel like it’s yours. This is your home, so make sure to let it feel cozy, comfy and like a place you’ll love to be.

Isabel Nissley: Walk away when you begin to feel overwhelmed – move-in can be a tumultuous experience for everyone. It's always better to step away from the situation to decompress than to lash out at the people who are helping you.

Grace Koennecke: It honestly flies by, so take it in. And PLEASE, say goodbye to your parents! They will miss you more than you know.

Tate Raub: Pack as light as possible. Trust me.

Alex Imwalle: The best advice for moving in is to accept that there will be things you forget. Understanding this will allow you to create a list of things throughout the move-in process that slipped your mind during the initial move-in preparation.

Alyssa Cruz: My number one piece of advice would be to listen to yourself and how you're feeling. Moving in can be a whole mix of emotions. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take some time to process the events and don't compare your feelings to those of others. Also, bring a collapsible wagon to move in – it's a lifesaver.

What advice do you have for starting classes?

McKenna Christy: My advice for starting classes is, if possible, read syllabi before the first day of those classes. If you read your syllabi beforehand you’ll always be more prepared with any questions and transitioning will be less overwhelming.

Mimi Calhoun: Make sure to consistently go to classes and try not to skip or else it'll become a bad habit.

Anastasia Carter: Update your planner if you have one! This is so helpful with everyday life when getting back into the swing of things.

Katie Millard: Google calendar is a life saver. Find a way to stay organized so you’re not stuck cramming at the last minute.

Isabel Nissley: Come excited! Learn your classmates names, humor your professors' introductory speeches and take some notes even if it's the first class. College provides extraordinary opportunities for learning (and making mistakes) – but, you will only get as much out of the experience as you put in.

Grace Koennecke: Be prepared to have a stressful, somewhat hectic first week of classes. It's normal, and totally part of the process, and you will get used to your schedule.

Tate Raub: Start the routines you want to implement as soon as possible.

Alex Imwalle: Do not be afraid to drop classes. Many classes will be beneficial for your education and will be very valuable in building your degree. However, the reality is that some classes will not be an automatic fit, and it is a sign of self-awareness, not failure, to recognize that a class is more trouble than it is worth.

Alyssa Cruz: As soon as you get your syllabus for each class, write every single one of your assignments down in a spreadsheet. This helps so much over the year and ensures you stay organized.

What are the top three things you can’t forget to bring when moving in?

McKenna Christy: The top three things you don’t want to forget when moving in are snacks, storage bins and medicine.

Mimi Calhoun: You will need a power strip, command hooks and an ice cube tray.

Anastasia Carter: Top three musts for move in are a zen garden of some sort, helpful when you're having a rough day. A second must bring is shower shoes regardless of where you are living. Number three is your favorite snacks! That way you and your friends are always fulfilled when you get a late night hankering.

Katie Millard: You will definitely need a charger, scissors and a step stool.

Isabel Nissley: You should bring a snack to eat on-the-go, some personal decorations to make your new living space feel like home and patience and an open mind!

Grace Koennecke: Do not forget an extension cord, shower shoes and chargers.

Tate Raub: Definitely bring storage bins (especially for under dorm beds), extension cords and a coffee maker of some kind.

Alex Imwalle: Firstly, just because you are not in high school anymore does not mean you can leave your backpack at home. It is a necessary resource that will keep your desk from becoming too cluttered with work, and it gives you the ability to take your work on the go. Another necessary item is paper utensils. Though many of your meals will be eaten in the dining hall, it is important to be prepared to fix a few meals a week in your room because you won’t always have the time for a trip to Nelson or Boyd. Finally, bring at least one fun outfit. Even if you can never see yourself wearing it at home, wacky clothing items are wonderful conversation starters for late nights on Court Street.

Alyssa Cruz: Do not forget to bring a speaker (Alexa's are great!), slippers and an air freshener device of some sort!

What have you missed most about Athens?

McKenna Christy: I have missed walking around Athens and enjoying its beautiful scenery.

Mimi Calhoun: I missed seeing my friends every day and the independence of being on campus.

Anastasia Carter: Mostly missed seeing all of the Posties and seeing familiar faces around Athens.

Katie Millard: I’ve missed seeing my friends! I’ve also missed the culture of Athens – nothing feels as good as walking down Court and feeling how friendly everyone is.

Isabel Nissley: I have been in Athens all summer, but I miss the vibrancy that students bring to the university! During the school year, I love running into people unexpectedly – while walking to class, getting ready for a night out, or going to an OU event. Those small moments of connection are invigorating and I am looking forward to experiencing them again.

Grace Koennecke: I have missed seeing my friends everyday (shoutout to fellow Posties Mimi Calhoun and Maggie Palma), and being fully on my own. I loved walking around campus and doing homework with my friends in between classes, and I have really missed the routine I had at school!

Tate Raub: I have oddly missed the structure of the school year (but don't get me wrong, I love having extra free time).

Alex Imwalle: I have missed the friends I made last year. Especially because of the student organizations I participated in, I was able to create a lot of strong bonds around common interests. Growing those connections and creating more is what I am most looking forward to returning this fall.

Alyssa Cruz: Without a doubt, I have definitely missed the people at OU most. The friends you make there are truly like no other!

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