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Provided by Gov. Mike DeWine.(Vivien McClain Photography)

DeWine Wins

November 9, 2022

DeWine wins reelection as Ohio Governor

By Madalyn Blair | For The Post

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine won reelection Tuesday, defeating Democratic opponent Nan Whaley.

As of 10:40 p.m., DeWine received 63.2% of counted votes in Ohio, compared to Whaley’s 36.8%, with 80% of Ohio reporting. In Athens County, however, Whaley received 9,415 votes which accounted for about 52% of the total votes and DeWine received 8,595 votes, which accounted for nearly 48% of the votes cast.

Upon his reelection, DeWine thanked Ohioans in a tweet and promised to continue to fight for them.

“We have unfinished business, and my promise to you tonight is that I will not stop,” •DeWine wrote in a tweet. “We will continue to fight every single day to overcome the challenges we face and create greater opportunities for all Ohioans.”

After her defeat, Whaley said she will continue to fight for Ohio.

“I’ve said all along that you’ve got a choice, Ohio,” Whaley wrote in a tweet. “That’s still true tonight. We can keep working for something better, even when we get knocked down. Because our families, communities and democracy are worth it.”

DeWine, who will be serving his second term as governor, has focused on continuously building a strong economy, sufficient school systems, quality of life and compassion for those in need, according to DeWine’s website.

During DeWine’s previous term, he and Lt. Governor Husted won the historic $20 billion Intel Semiconductor Factory project. This created more than 20,000 jobs and opportunities for Ohioans. Through these efforts, DeWine helped Ohio achieve its spot as the number one state for new business investment per capita, according to DeWine’s campaign site.

Prior to the election, DeWine said in a tweet, “We are building our state into an economic powerhouse where all Ohioans have the chance to succeed.”

DeWine seeks to expand quality education outcomes. He expanded the eligibility of the EdChoice Scholarship, which allows families to choose the best education for their children. He also signed Senate Bill 89, which expands school choice access, according to DeWine’s campaign website.

Alexander School Board Member, Blake Regan, hopes to see more improvements in education in DeWine’s next term.

“Mike DeWine has shown a commitment to education and Appalachia while in office but there is still work to be done,” Regan said in an email.

DeWine is also focused on Ohio’s crime rates and addressing the opioid epidemic. He also plans to protect communities and families by securing Ohio’s southern border from drugs. He authorized the Ohio National Guard and Ohio Highway Patrol to help prevent drugs from passing into the state, according to his campaign website.

Similarly, DeWine has doubled in increasing police officers' support. He has put more than $274 million into funding first responders to support their wellness. The money is supposed to support first responders' physical, mental and emotional needs as well as recruitment and retention efforts, violent crime prevention and school safety, according to DeWine’s campaign website.

AUTHOR: Madalyn Blair
EDITOR: Addie Hedges
COPY EDITOR: Kayla Bennett
PHOTO: Provided by Gov. Mike DeWine.(Vivien McClain Photography)