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OCT 21, 2021 | Anna Millar

Towing in Confusion

Both current and former Athens residents have experienced frustration with the pricing of a tow, though state and city code outlines what the cost should be.

OCT 21, 2021 | Nolan Simmons

A Different Kind Of Pain Treatment

As medical marijuana enters into the region, it is yet to be seen whether it has an effect on addiction.

OCT 14, 2021 | Kayla Bennett

A Hidden History

Black history and culture in Athens County is preserved through educators and historians in the region.

OCT 14, 2021 | Hannah Burkhart

Music's Invisible Backbone

Despite lack of experiences and resources, young artist managers find ways to make their artists known.

OCT 7, 2021 | The Post Staff

The 2021 Homecoming Edition

Bobcats take on the bricks for the first homecoming since the start of COVID-19.

SEPT 30, 2021 | Ryan Maxin

Getting in on the Yak-tion

After a four-year hiatus, the app returns with more stringent, but not fool-proof, guidelines about content.

SEPT 30, 2021 | Isabel Nissley

Mutual aid in Athens

In the early months of the pandemic, southeast Ohioans initiated several mutual aid initiatives of their own.

SEPT 16, 2021 | Claire Schiopota

Differences And Disconnect

Faculty and students feel that the administration should be more transparent, while the administration feels there are processes they don’t understand.

SEPT 13, 2021 | Lauren Serge

Swarm of Dykes

In the late ‘90s and early 2000s, Swarm of Dykes was an active group on campus that fought for visibility of LGBTQ+ individuals. Their extremist style in their progressive efforts ultimately impacted the creation of various resources present at OU for queer students today.

SEPT 11, 2021 | Taylor Burnette

Turning 20, 20 years after

Students and experts weigh in on their view of the legacy of 9/11 for the generation born on and after Sept. 11, 2001.

SEPT 2, 2021 | Maya Morita

Pronoun Policy Prevalence

A group of student workers were told to remove their pronouns from their name tags despite OU’s dedication and involvement in respecting their students’ gender identities.

AUG 23-26 | The Post

Welcome Back 2021

The Post shares what Bobcats have missed over the summer and what’s in store for the school year.

JUNE 11 2021 | Molly Wilson

One Year Later

Professors have been worried about the future of academic programs with the recent cuts.

JUNE 10, 2021 | Ryan Maxin & Molly Wilson

Those Who Represent with No Representation

Groups like Faculty Senate and the American Association of University Professors hoped for more representation and transparency during the appointment process.

MAY 27, 2021 | The Post

Orientation Guide 2021

A guide to help first year Bobcats navigate Athens and Ohio University.

APRIL 29, 2021 | Kelsey Boeing

The 2021 Photo Edition

A look at the best photos from the 2020-2021 academic year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

APRIL 22, 2021 | Hannah Burkhart

An Unseen Art

Music producers are the heartbeat of music, and each of them have their own preferences when it comes to their creative processes.

APRIL 15, 2021 | Molly Wilson

Obsession or Enjoyment

Increased popularity of true crime entertainment raises questions about the difference between enjoyment and obsession.

APRIL 7, 2021 | Ryan Maxin

Underage Drinking Data

The Athens Police Department and Ohio Investigative Unit are staying vigilant during COVID-19 to catch underage drinkers.

APRIL 1, 2021 | Adonis Fryer

Conversations on Cancel Culture

“Cancel culture” isn’t as clear-cut as it seems.

MARCH 25, 2021 | Molly Schramm

Pressing Pause

Live entertainment venues were the first to close, and will be the last to open back up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

MARCH 22, 2021 | Ryan Maxin

COVID Liaison Conflict

While some students feel they were taken care of, others feel left in the dark.

MARCH 18, 2021 | Claire Schiopota

Career Changes

OU graduates have to compromise their goals as they try to find work during COVID-19.

MARCH 11, 2021 | Hannah Burkhart

COVID-19 and Self-esteem

COVID-19 has affected individuals’ nutrition and fitness routines for different reasons and in both positive and negative ways.

MARCH 4, 2021 | The Post

2021 Basketball Edition

From cancellations, to winning streaks and dramatic losses, here are the stories that defined this season of bobcat basketball.

MARCH 4, 2021 | Emma Skidmore

Protesting during the Pandemic

Athens residents focus on both national and local issues during the pandemic in a safe way.

FEB 24, 2021 | Taylor Burnette

Living Up to Expectations

Because of the pandemic, many OU students have varying opinions about their time on campus.

FEB 18, 2021 | Jillian Craig

The Music Plays On

4 EPs will be released at the end of the semester, despite a mostly-virtual operation.

FEB 11, 2021 | Taylor Burnette

Living Up to Expectations

Because of the pandemic, many OU students have varying opinions about their time on campus.

FEB 4, 2021 | Adonis Fryer

Discussing Income Inequality

The federal minimum wage has not changed in 12 years.

JAN 28, 2021 | Taylor Burnette

Opposing Ordinance Opinions

Police and city officials urge those with a face covering ordinance complaint to call APD’s non-emergency number.

JAN 27, 2021 | News Staff

A Frantic First Week

Here’s a look at all the news that happened during a tumultuous first week of classes.

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