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OU homecoming outfits

Published October 5, 2023

OU homecoming outfits

Your 2023 homecoming lookbook

By Ashley Frye | For The Post

This weekend Bobcats of past and present will flock to campus to ring in yet another Ohio University Homecoming. As students everywhere are preparing for a weekend of no sleep and minimal water, you can feel the excitement in the Athens air.

Among the laundry list of preparations you may need to complete this week, don't forget about your homecoming look because the only thing worse than a hangover is a bad outfit.

So, here is your affordable and easy homecoming lookbook:

Matching sets

Matching sets are a tried and true staple when you’re in search of something comfortable and cute. Amazon has a huge selection of green sets that are perfect for homecoming and are warm enough for the early morning weather.


It can be difficult to elevate an outfit while also considering the weather, especially with Saturday’s high being 58 degrees. So, a hat is the perfect way to spruce up a rather dull but warm look.

The hat section on the Ohio University College Book Store website features a wide variety of OU baseball caps, bucket hats and beanies. Order online or go to the store on Court Street. Either way, a hat is a great way to make sure your homecoming outfit has some OU flare.


As fall rolls around, overalls are in once again, so why not bring them back in full force for Homecoming? These green overalls from Amazon are a perfect statement piece and come in different colors if green isn’t what you’re looking for.

Ohio University merch

Court Street offers an abundance of stores that include more OU merch than you could ever need. Some stores and bars on Court Street feature homecoming-specific merchandise that can be picked up in person. This collaborative t-shirt and hoodie from The North End, The J Bar and Courtside Pizza is perfect for a homecoming outfit that allows you to rep OU, Court Street and your favorite bar all at once.

Cut and crop

If you’re staring at the one OU sweatshirt or t-shirt you own and thinking about how boring it is, the simple answer is always to cut and/or crop it. This year's fall fashion forecast calls for off-the-shoulder looks, so don’t be afraid to make that sweatshirt all the more stylish by cutting it, cropping it or both.


We saw the development of cropped puffer vests at last year’s Homecoming, and they are coming back for round two. Whether it’s a puffer vest or a puffer jacket, a good puffer is always the right choice. They make perfect statement pieces and are extremely practical for walking around Court Street at 5 a.m. The Athens Walmart has a huge selection of both puffer jackets and vests for an affordable price and quick pickup before Saturday.

No matter what you wear, Homecoming 2023 is sure to be one for the books. So as this week comes to a close and the weekend arrives, remember to finish your homework, drink water, have fun and stay safe, Bobcats!

AUTHOR: Ashley Frye

EDITOR: Grace Brezine

COPY EDITOR: Addie Hedges