Olivia Juenger | Asst. Art Director

Olivia Juenger | Asst. Art Director

Best Fashion Trends

December 1, 2021

The most prominent fashion trends of 2021

By Emma Dollenmayer | Asst. Beat Editor

After being cooped up inside, lounging in basic sweat sets and pajama pants for the majority of 2020, the onset of 2021 brought style trendsetters, “it” girls and fashion gurus the opportunity to express themselves more creatively through dress.

Naturally, new and never-before-seen fashion trends emerged, making the past year undoubtedly unforgettable and a win for the fashion industry. Here are nine of the most prominent and popular looks of 2021:

Cowgirl boots

If there is any shoe that dominated not only the runway but also the streets this year, it’s cowgirl boots. However, the cowgirl boots that prevailed aren’t your traditional honky tonk ones. They can be chic, tall or short, white, black, beige or any other color, even crocodile printed kicks.

Paired best with dresses, long blazers or oversized button ups, these boots add personality to any ordinary outfit. Buy your pair today at Princess Polly ($115).

Hoodies and blazers

As if hoodies and blazers aren’t polar opposite articles of clothing already, the collaboration of the two is something nobody would’ve thought to pair, nor did anyone know was everything streetwear needed. The combination of a hoodie and a blazer make for a casual yet incredibly chic vibe, perfect for a lunch date or running errands.

Boss up with this blazer from Adika ($47.90) and pair it with your favorite hoodie or buy a new one like this Justin Bieber Drew House Smiley Face Hoodie ($36.99) that comes with matching joggers to complete the overall look. Better yet, Hailey Bieber is the queen of the hoodie and blazer combo, making the suggested look excellent for those looking to initially experiment with this ensemble.

Trench coats

Trench coats, like blazers, are a trend that have risen to fame this past year and are styled in a similar fashion. Dress up a trench coat with a bodysuit, some leather pants, booties, layered jewelry, sunglasses and a slicked-back hairdo, or forgo a more mellow mood with a sweater, jeans and sneakers.

Check out this ASOS DESIGN slouchy trench coat in washed stone ($73.10).

Bright and bold

Although neutrals are a staple of the winter season, for the past year, bright and bold-colored everything has monopolized many fashion trends. By sporting eye-catching colors, it is clear people are not holding back after being unable to wear anything flashy or head turning for a large part of 2020.

Free yourself of all style restraint by buying a multicolored piece of clothing like this Ruched Cup Princess Saved by the Bell Dress ($53.40) from WeWoreWhat.

Baggy jeans

To everyone’s benefit, skinny jeans are out, and baggy and straight-legged jeans are in. When trends are at the height of their popularity, it’s hard to imagine them no longer being stylish. Like, who would have thought it would be cool to wear baggy, high-waisted jeans with no holes? But sure enough, it is, and we’re here for it. It’s a trend we can only hope to see carried into 2022. Please, no more skinny jeans, and no more obnoxious rips either.

Get a pair of PacSun Light Blue High Waisted Baggy Jeans ($45.00) today.

Sweater Vests

Perfect for fall and the holidays, these sweater vests, especially the longer dress ones, are a classy and comfortable option to wear to a dinner reservation or your next family get-together. Did we mention they look incredibly chic with the cowgirl boots mentioned above? Throw one over top a white button up and you have yourself a killer, sophisticated look.

H&M is on top of it this year, offering a bunch of options for sweater-vest lovers. Try this Rib-knit Sweater Vest ($34.99) from the large retail hub.

Bucket hats

Any look can be elevated with the simple addition of a bucket hat. Coming in all different shapes, sizes and materials, the bucket hat is the accessory of the year. Wear one to college game day, a brunch with friends or a night out in the city. The hat is truly versatile and well-fitting for any and every occasion.

Check out this Highland Bucket Hat ($14.00) from Princess Polly.

Leather pants

If anything was evident this past year, it was that jeans will no longer suffice as the only options for bottoms. With the materialization of leather pants, outfits were able to enhance themselves with a more refined look that pairs well with graphic tees, corsets and bodysuits, which all make for great going out fits.

Grab a pair of these Faux Leather High Waisted Flares ($20.70) from Nasty Gal.


These romper-like jumpsuits were all the rage this past year, especially during the summer, with influencers’ posting in what accentuated their bodies in flattering ways. Shortly after, everyone was wanting a jumpsuit of their own, coming in all different styles, fun colors and lengths.

For a fun, flirty fit one could save for this coming summer or for a vacation spent somewhere warm over the holidays, buy an Amazon Women Jumpsuit Solid Color Short Sleeve Combi Bodysuits Bodycon Sexy Romper Overalls Shorts Y2K Playsuit ($24.99), which comes in all different colors, patterns and materials.

AUTHOR: Emma Dollenmayer
EDITOR: Madyson Lewellyn
COPY EDITOR: Anna Garnai
ILLUSTRATION: Olivia Juenger