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Multicultural Center hosts expo for students who want to discover diverse clubs

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Ohio University holds an involvement fair on College Green every August, but the Multicultural Student Expo highlights more diverse options, primarily for students of color.


“I think it’s really important because it brings together all of the multicultural student organizations as well as the offices that serve that population,” Winsome Chunnu-Brayda, the strategic director for diversity and inclusion and multicultural programs and initiatives, said.

Multicultural Center

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The Multicultural Center is located on the second floor of Baker Center.


The date for the Multicultural Student Expo had not been set as of press time.

Matthew Kinlow, president of the Black Student Cultural Programming Board, said the expo allows diverse students check out clubs that may not garner as much focus at the general involvement fair.


The theme for the Multicultural Student Expo, Nyansapo, comes from the Twi language and means “wisdom knot.” Its original meaning comes from the elders in the West African country, Ghana, who bestowed important information on younger villagers.


“With the expo, we have our juniors and seniors, leaders in these major organizations, who are then welcoming these first-year students and are telling them what they need to do to be successful,” Chunnu-Brayda said.


The biggest difference the expo has going for it are the different performances put on by the clubs. Singing, dancing, and modeling are just some of the acts students can look forward to experiencing.


When Kinlow, now a senior studying pre-medicine and chemistry, was a freshman, he had a great time at the expo and enjoyed his first experience with Greek life when they performed a stroll. Strolling, or party walking, is a big deal for fraternities and sororities of color. Sometimes they create teams and compete against each other.


“The students from those organizations are actually exhibiting exactly what they do for students to see,” Chunnu-Brayda said.


The Multicultural Center will aim to keep interest high throughout the year with events during heritage months, Ohio University’s special weekends and other programs.


Multicultural Center

Meagan Hall | For The Post

The Multicultural Center is located on the second floor of Baker Center.

Kinlow said BSCPB organizes social events for all students. They work heavily with the Multicultural Center for programs such as the Sibs Weekend concert and Moms’ Weekend Expo.


Chunnu-Brayda said African Americans make up the largest portion of OU’s multicultural students followed by Hispanic, Latino, Asian Americans and Native Americans.


“Students tend to be drawn to areas where they see a majority of people who look like them,” she said.


Chunnu-Brayda said a highlight of the center’s events comes during Native American Heritage Month and Hispanic Heritage Month because they partner with the 90 Minutes Series to schedule speakers. During those special months, the center focuses on showcasing that group’s accomplishments and giving room to discuss its challenges.


“We see heritage months as an opportunity to showcase the achievement of members of those particular groups and talk about their challenges,” she said.

Professors sometimes let students attend the 90 Minutes Series speakers for extra credit, which Chunnu-Brayda believes helps make students more cultured.


“I’m a firm believer in incorporating what happens on the programming side of the university with what’s happening in the classroom and making sure the two complement each other so we get well rounded students at the end of four years,” she said.


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