End-Of-Summer Bucket List


30 things to do before the official start of fall

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School is starting, which means summer is close to ending. You might feel like there are so many summer activities left to do on your summer bucket list, but so little time. Well, The Post is making it easier for you to remember with this list of 30 must-do things on your end-of-summer bucket list. Hopefully, you get some new ideas on how to make the most out of the last few hot and sunny days.

Fall Activities

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1. Throw a frisbee on College Green

Be a cool college kid and get some friends to toss a frisbee on College Green after class.

2. Go golfing

Go to Ohio University’s golf course and play the nine holes with a pal. Driving the golf carts are half of the fun.

3. Make friends with someone at the River Park Apartments and go swimming

Nothing says summer like going swimming.

4. Go on a bike ride on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

Getting to see the campus from a great view is awesome and so is getting to   see some nature.

5. Go to the farmers market to get fruit and vegetables

Make sure to utilize the season and get fresh foods.

6. Grab a cool treat at Whit's Frozen Custard

Eating ice cream on the Civil War monument is the perfect relaxing afternoon activity.

7. Hike up Bong Hill

Prime time to hike the steep hill of Bong Hill is right before sunset so you can watch the sun go down over campus and take great pictures

8. Picnic on College Green

Make some sandwiches, grab a blanket and spend your lunch hour lounging on College Green.

9. Go disc golfing

OU also has a disc golfing course with nine holes. Once you master that, head over to Hocking College for another course.

10. Play volleyball on South Beach

The volleyball courts are one of South Green’s greatest features. Pretend you are at a beach and grab some friends and a volleyball.

If volleyball isn’t your thing, play basketball outside on South Green

11. Get food to go from the dining halls and eat on a lawn

Get a to-go box and eat dinner at a picnic table, making sure to soak up the warmth of summer that will soon be gone.

12. Read a book outside

Preferably a non-school related book, but any book will do.

13. Do homework on Baker Center's balcony

Many people don’t know about this spot so head up to the fourth floor of Baker Center and go to the balcony for some peaceful worktime.

14. Go swim and have a beach day at Strouds Run State Park

Pack up a cooler and hang out at Strouds all day on a weekend with some friends.

15. Kayak or canoe at Murray's Landing Canoe and Kayak Livery

Get really adventurous and go on a canoeing trip on a sunny Saturday.

17. Putt-putt with friends at Putt People First Miniature Golf Course

If full-on golfing isn’t your thing, try putt-putt at Putt People First Miniature Golf Course.

18. Get food from one of the food trucks and eat at the Civil War monument

Ali Baba’s, Hot Potato and Burrito Buggy are all great options.

19. Go to the Pawpaw Festival

Immerse yourself in some full-on Ohio culture and go to the Pawpaw Festival. There are some really cool vendors there and don’t forget to actually try the fruit.

20. Hike through the woods at Strouds Run State Park

There’s more to Stroud's than the water. Hike around the water on one of the various paths with lengths for all hikers.

21. Have a barbeque

Actually use those grills that are sporadically placed around the residential halls.

22. Play with sparklers

There are many apps that you can download to take long-exposure pictures so you and your friends can get artsy.

23. Sleep in a hammock

Tie up your hammock between some trees and hit snooze. If you don’t trust other people to not bother you, just read a book or chill out with friends.

24. Go on a night hike

Strouds closes at night, so hike up Bong Hill or Radar Hill after hours. Try to be strong and don’t use a flashlight — it will make the hike better to let your eyes adjust.

25. Stargaze

Radar Hill is a great place to check out the constellations. Try to find your own based off of your horoscope.

26. Have a water balloon fight

If you can’t go to a pool or Strouds, cool off by having a water balloon fight. Just make sure to pick up the remains of the fallen balloons.

27. Volunteer to walk some dogs or play with cats at the Athens County Humane Society

There are so many great pups and cats that would love to hang out with you. Spend some quality time with one and make yourself feel better.

28. Go to Old Man's Cave

One of the best parts of southern Ohio is the Hocking Hills and Old Man’s Cave. Check out the caves and the surrounding forests.

29. Actually do all of the DIY crafts you said you wanted to do

We all have those projects we say we want to do but never actually do them. Set up a day to get artsy and finish all of those projects.

30. Write a fall bucket list

Make sure to add go pumpkin picking, go to a football game and attend Homecoming.


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