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Rylie Brown

Another school year is finally here. I use the word “finally” assuming that you are in fact a
Bobcat — and I have never met a Bobcat that wasn’t ecstatic about returning to Athens.

Undoubtedly, welcome week can be overwhelming as you ride waves of different emotions, even for those of us who have a few years under our belts. If you’re experiencing excitement, sadness, denial and stress all at one time right now, you might want to read what is ahead, because I can assure you, you are not alone.

There are a few stages of emotions that everyone probably experiences during welcome week as our bodies starts acclimating to a more rigorous schedule and the bed sores start to heal from all-night Netflix benders during the summer.


The first emotion that I always notice when I get back to school is excitement. I’m so excited to get back into a routine, see my friends, go to familiar hang out spots and see Athens again. Let’s face it, you missed the relaxed, small-town vibe and local comforts. After the excitement settles down, you notice how secure and content you feel being home after four months away. It’s as if you never left.


Despite these feelings, it is also likely that they clash with some feelings of sadness too. Coming back to school means leaving your family, pets and friends from home. One thing that I have had to get used to while in college is the constant cycle of hellos and goodbyes. Anytime I’m saying hello to friends, I am saying goodbye to family and vice versa the other half of the year. Sure, it is definitely hard to get used to, but it really helps you grow emotionally and appreciate the time you have with people while you’re in the moment.


Aside from the depressing feeling of leaving loved ones behind, you’re probably still in shock that you actually have to start working on papers, speeches, presentations, and group projects again, which can be equally as saddening. Maybe you can even call it denial. But rest assured that if you deny that syllabus week will be over before you know it, you’ll be in for a rude awakening. Just try to ease into it. Make time for relaxation, time outside, and catch up with friends. Try not to dive in all at once and spread yourself too thin the first couple of weeks because that could set a bad tone for the semester.

After living in your own head during welcome week and battling ups and downs of emotions, reality will set in, I promise. Give yourself some time and you will feel ready to tackle the year. Appreciate the time you have in college and try not to think about the fact that it will all be over in a blink of an eye because it is quite unsettling. Cheers to a happy, fun and healthy
school year. Welcome back, Bobcats.

— Rylie Brown is a junior studying journalism. Please note that the views and opinions expressed by columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Are you excited to be back in Athens? Let Rylie know by tweeting her @RylieMarieBrown.


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