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Back to the bricks lookbook

August 23, 2021

The ultimate return to campus lookbook

By Emma Dollenmayer | For The Post

B obcats, cheers to a new semester. In-person classes are finally resuming, more campus events are expected to return and Court Street will of course continue to be a hot spot this fall. With that being said, you know what that means: new, contemporary, individual trends are sure to be seen across campus soon enough, whether they be seen simply walking to class or going out for a night out on the town.

It’s been over a year since students packed into lecture halls while hauling backpacks, carrying water bottles and sporting AirPods, or even got out of bed to attend class. Though comfy, casual clothing has always been the trend for college students to wear to class, online classes had individuals getting a little too comfy, and by too comfy we’re talking boxers, big t-shirts and going pantless, because hey, Zoom and Teams can only view you from the top up, so why not? However, this attire is no longer acceptable while being surrounded by peers and professors. Nonetheless, offhand outfits will still prevail, but originality within them will still be present. Basically, don’t let “just” going to class stop you from feeling and looking your best. Here are nine trends and pieces you can expect to see around campus:

Sweat shorts

Unfortunately, the first couple of months of the semester will be a tad too toasty for every college student’s favorite flannel bottoms: sweatpants. Lucky for us gals and guys though, sweat shorts have been all the rage this summer and the hype is unlikely to stop any time soon.

As mens’ shorts have gotten shorter, it seems like womens’ have gotten longer, meaning sweat shorts really are for everyone. Ironic right? The waist can be rolled over, or if there is a draw string, tied to create a cinched look. Either way, sweat shorts create an unbothered, swag-like look, perfect paired with tank tops, sports bras and graphic tees.

The sweat shorts pictured below are called Samara Shorts and can be found on Princess Polly. The pants come in white, brown and grey. We also love Aerie’s variety of the Everyday and Weekend High Waisted Short, which come in several different colors. We suggest buying them all of course.

Trucker hats

Whether you love them or hate them, they’re undeniably an “it” factor when it comes to making a casual, plain outfit, pop. And let’s not forget, a hat can be the quick-fix to a bad hair day, which are all too common during those early morning classes.

Von Dutch trucker hats especially are an ongoing craze amongst teens and 20-something girls, but most likely, no one is splurging the money on an authentic Von Dutch, but a dupe instead which can be found on Amazon and Ebay with a simple search. However, if you’re looking for the real deal, Von Dutch hats are currently selling at a price drop of $69, considering they used to be sold for $88 and up. We’re not telling you to hop on that deal, but hop on that deal if you know what we’re saying.

Chunky colorful sneakers

If there is one current look that we’re hoping isn’t classified as “cheugy” in a year, it is chunky and colorful sneakers. Air Force Ones seem to have upheld a timelessness element due to their versatility and ability to go with just about anything. Despite this, Airforce Shadows, which come in an array of colors, are incredibly mod given the surge in colorful wear post pandemic and other sneakers alike. The color combinations are endless.

Cloud slides

Not sure how to feel about this trend? Us either, but the people love them and the word on the street is that they actually do make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud, so if you’re looking for the perfect alternative from your usual tennis shoes, purchase a pair of these to switch things up, slightly.

The best feature of these new kicks is that they are priced reasonably at around $20 to $25. The design of the shoes is most likely inspired by the incredibly higher priced Yeezy Slides, but honestly, the Cloud style is quite cooler. Cloud slides can actually be bought on the site, Cloud Slides, and are offered in multiple colors. They can also be found on sites such as Amazon as well, which should be expected because what does Amazon not have?

Sports bra tank tops

For our gym gurus, sports bra tank tops are fully acceptable to wear just about anywhere nowadays. Therefore if you want to get a quick pump in at the gym, don’t feel any shame or hesitation in heading to class straight after a workout. These comfortable yet still compressing tops can be worn as everyday wear too, and not just as gym attire. They are flattering on every figure and will have you feeling put together in more ways than one.

Some sports bra tank tops that we recommend include the Lululemon Align Tank Top, the Aerie OFFLINE Goals Longline Sports Bra and Amazon’s Lemedy Women Padded Sports Bra Fitness Workout Running Shirts Yoga Tank Top.

Cropped graphic tanks and tees

Year after year, it has been proven that graphic tees and tanks, whether oversized or cropped, will persist as an enduring trend. Naturally, these clothing articles have continued to be seen across campus both when attending class or a night out. Graphics are versatile and chic and can be dressed up or dressed down in multiple ways.

When simply getting ready for a day's worth of class, a graphic can be paired with a flannel, some biker shorts and sneakers, whereas for going out, it can be completed with a pair of mom jeans, some doc martens, booties and a quick curl of the hair.

Graphic tees and cropped tanks are seemingly everywhere now, but Urban Outfitters will stand forever as the ultimate graphic tee powerhouse.

Bright bold patterns

Nowadays, fashion extroverts and risk takers can get away with just about anything -- and for that we are grateful. Luckily, nothing can be too much or too little when it comes to mismatching patterns and colors as it is currently a praised look.

Get funky by experimenting with the popular audacious colorful circular and swivel-like patterns and also the ongoing happening of neon animal prints. Flirtatious colored, full flower patterns are also current, so commit to defying previous fashion expectations by embracing the contemporary brassy craze.

Dresses and sets

Prior to our current fashion state, dresses were viewed as an article of clothing that could only be worn on the appropriate occasion. Now they can be easily dressed down with a simple switch in shoe selection. This widens the acceptance of dresses and matching sets being worn on a casual Friday night while grabbing drinks with friends.

There should be no shame in looking a little fancier for the exchange of feeling confident. Dresses and sets are conventional too in the sense they do not require trying to find the perfect match of a top and bottoms, given it is just one piece of apparel. Flaunting a dress is so simple and comfortable, yet it emits the impression that one put a lot of effort in planning that day’s fit. Essentially, it’s a secret the ladies should keep to themselves.

One can’t go wrong with Zara as an elite dress destination, but of course dresses are another piece of clothing that can be found just about anywhere. You would then just need to decide whether or not that location carries the style of dress you are looking for.

Stocky jewelry

Last but not least as we continue to favor daring direction when it comes to outfit planning, the lookbook would be incomplete without the addition of jewelry in one way or another as it will always be the finishing touch to a configuration of one’s character.

Although simple gold necklaces and dainty earrings go a long way, now is the era where layering and obnoxious earrings are appreciated. For class, we advise you to keep it simple with your favorite necklace and a pair of small earrings if you’d like, but when it comes to dressing up, buy that colorful pair of earrings and chunky necklace, you won’t regret it.

Currently, Anthrppologie is taking advantage of this fad and running with it as all the jewelry described can be found on their site.

AUTHOR: Emma Dollenmayer
EDITOR: Madyson Lewellyn
COPY EDITOR: Anna Garnai
ILLUSTRATION: Olivia Juenger