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Where to Find a Job on Campus


Ohio University offers plenty of job opportunities on campus

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One of the benefits of attending Ohio University is the plethora of jobs that work around student schedules and are conveniently located all over campus. From marketplaces to coffee shops to dining halls and cafés, students essentially have their pick of part-time jobs.

Culinary Services is the employer of 2,100 Ohio University students. This, along with the 25-hour per week limit, means students likely won’t be overscheduled and finding someone to cover a shift is fairly simple. With starting wages ranging anywhere from $8.70 to $9.55 per hour, students are receiving above minimum wage with schedules that work for them. For those who work Ohio Catering jobs, pay begins at $9.55 per hour. In years past, the majority of students employed through Culinary Services maintained a GPA of 3.0 or higher. For more information on Culinary Services’ job opportunities, visit Ohio University’s employment website.

Markets on Campus:

Jefferson Marketplace

Boyd Market

Nelson Market

Dining Options:

Nelson Court

The District on West Green (Boyd Dining Hall)

West 82 (First floor in Baker University Center)

Brick City Deli (Located in Jefferson Marketplace)

Latitude 39º (First floor Baker University Center)

The Hungry Cat (Food truck located at the top of Morton Hill)

Coffee Shops

Front Room Coffeehouse (Fourth floor Baker Center)

South Side Espresso Bar (Nelson Court)

The OU-HCOM SAF Café (Academic & Research Center)

Steam Station Café (West Union Street Center)

Café Bibliotech (Second floor of Alden Library)

Ohio University also offers PACE (Program to Aid Career Exploration) which is designed to help students further their involvement in their respective fields and majors. Through PACE, students apply for positions similar to internships and get hands-on experience. In order to partake in PACE, students are required to meet GPA, credit hour and financial aid requirements. More information including hourly pay and limitations can be found here.

Depending on how students filled out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Federal Work Study programs may be available. This program that is directly linked to FAFSA applications allows students to help pay off student loans directly through a part-time job. Information on the program as a whole can be found on studentaid.gov while OU-specific details are located on Ohio University’s work-study website.

Other jobs are available through independent hiring opportunities such as DoorDash and local restaurants. While applications for local restaurants may be case specific, DoorDash offers an online verification system. Dashers can choose their hours as well as their mode of transportation such as a bike, scooter, or a car. Many restaurants in Athens use DoorDash to appeal to their local patrons as well as the college students on campus and help keep businesses highly accessible.

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