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The most popular majors at Ohio University

Abby Miller / News Editor

Not everyone comes to college knowing what they want to study, and that’s okay. College is a time for self-discovery, and you may just find your true passion on the bricks of Athens.

If you’re looking for some direction on deciding a major, here are the most popular majors at Ohio University:

Biological Science

Biological Science was the most popular major in the College of Arts and Sciences in 2018, according to OU’s Office of Institutional Research. With a variety of paths for biological science majors to go down, its popularity makes sense.

Those majoring in biological sciences can study anything from microbiology to environmental biology. If you’re considering studying to be a physical therapist or dentist, the pre-physical therapy or pre-professional tracks may be for you.


Marketing was the most popular major in the College of Business in 2018. Those who study marketing will be prepared to enter the world of sales, product management, marketing research, retailing, advertising, international marketing, and other aspects of the profession, according to OU’s website.

Media Arts and Studies


Brien Vincent | FOR THE POST

Visual Communications Professor Josh Birnbaum teaches his digital imaging class in Seigfred Hall.

The most popular major in the Scripps College of Communication is Media Arts and Studies. Students in that major can take advantage of a broad program with various different opportunities after graduation. Graduates can work in audio production, studio management and media law, according to OU’s catalog.

If you want to get involved in student media, you may have found your major. Media arts and studies students typically join groups such as Athens Video Works, WOUB or the All-Campus Radio Network (ACRN).

Early Childhood Education

If you’ve always liked the idea of working with children, the most popular major in the Patton College of Education, Early Childhood Education, might be your calling. There are a plethora of choices within the Patton College, so early childhood education may be a good major to explore if education is right for you.

Mechanical Engineering

The most popular major program in the Russ College of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, prepares students for fields including design, patent law, manufacturing, biomedical engineering and many others, according to the department’s website. The Mechanical engineering undergraduate students have a five plus one option that allows them to get a mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree and a biomedical engineering master’s degree in five years.


If you felt pulled toward your high school’s art room, your strength might lie in studying art. Those majoring in art through OU’s College of Fine Arts can either get a bachelor’s degree in studio art, or apply for a bachelor of fine arts. Those BFAs include studio art, graphic design and interior design, according to the college’s website. With so many options, the ways to express yourself are virtually unlimited. Art can be more than a hobby through those degree routes.


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