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7 places to take Instagram photos

Molly Schramm / The Beat Editor

One of the first things you see when you arrive in Athens, is how picturesque the town is. Between the cobblestones and the red bricks of the buildings, Athens is a uniquely special place and your four years or so here are meant for capturing memories. And, nowadays, what better way to do that than Instagram? Here are some of the best locations for Instagram photos in and around Athens:

Your favorite coffee shop

From Donkey Coffee and Espresso to Court Street Coffee, Athens has an abundance of locations to drink scrumptious coffee drinks. Though it may be a bit cheesy, there’s no shame in posting photos in your favorite coffee shop.

The comfy and friendly atmosphere in Donkey is perfect for cute dates, and the glass front of Brenen’s Coffee Cafe would make for a bit of an artsy photo.


Bong Hill

Bong Hill is the perfect way to see all of campus, despite being a bit of a walk outside of campus. Located just over the Stimson bridge, hiking to the top of Bong Hill is a bit of a hill, but the end result is so worth it.

Bong Hill gives a wide view of all of uptown Athens and everything between The Convo and East Green. It’s a sight to see and the pictures you can get with friends are one-of-a-kind.


Graffiti Wall

Located on the retaining wall by Bentley Hall and Richland Avenue, the art featured on the graffiti wall changes almost weekly. Whether it’s clubs promoting themselves or students making memories with their friends, the graffiti wall is unique to Athens. Because the wall is ever-changing, any pictures taken will likely never be recreated.


College Green

Central to campus and located directly next to uptown, year-round College Green is great for pictures. The area is great for showing some greenery in you photos, with its multiple cobblestone paths and tall trees in every line of sight.

If you want to jazz up your College Green photos, pictures during International Week with all the multicultural flags or even photos during fall while the leaves are changing would be perfect.


Siegfried Mural

Painted by a former associate professor in the *School of Art, the mural under Siegfried Hall is the perfect backdrop for any photo. The mural was originally painted in 1966 by Æthelred Eldridge but has undergone multiple restorations and incarnations over the years.

Delving into an avant-garde style of art, the Siegfried mural is sure to be unlike anything else on your Instagram feed.


A sporting event

Sporting events are one of the best ways to show school spirit and support during your fours years, so why not show it off? Football games at *Peden Stadium are a definite treat, and it wouldn’t be right to never enjoy a basketball or volleyball game in the wondrous Convocation Center.


The Cherry Blossoms

Though these beautiful trees are seasonal, they’re a real sight to see when in bloom. The trees were gifted by Chubu University in Japan and have even earned national recognition from National Geographic.


The pink-tinged trees are located all across the bike path in Athens, and are usually in bloom during the beginning of April. Perfect for bringing spring to the ’Gram, make sure you don’t miss out on those beauties.


A previous version of this report incorrectly misspelled the name of Seigfred Mural. The article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information.


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