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5 best places to catch the sunset in Athens

Laila Riaz / Managing Editor

When I was a freshman, my roommate from Connecticut kept going on and on about how beautiful the sky was in Athens. Being from Ohio all my life, I was surprised because I grew up staring at the beautiful horizon she was raving about. Was it bad for my eyes? Yes. Do I care? No.



The sun sets over West State Street in Athens.

Anyways, whether you want to get some rad photos during golden hour or just want watch a sunset in hopes it will cure your existential crisis, here are the best places to watch the sunset in Athens:

Fifth floor of Baker Center

As a freshman, you probably know about three buildings on campus. One of them should definitely be Baker Center. The building is considered the heart of campus with hundreds of people passing through each day. The best place to watch the sunset is on the fifth floor of.

The fifth floor is unique because not a lot of people go up there and you need to take the stairs in order to do so. Once you are up there, take advantage of the white noise in Baker, find a seat and relax.

Behind Bentley

Situated near the center of campus, Bentley Hall is one of the buildings that gets the highest amount of traffic during the week. However, not many people know that located behind Bentley Hall is a beautiful stoned area with a perfect view of the sunset.

I used to go there and sit on the bench while I listened to music. I may or may not have taken a couple of golden hour selfies as well.

Radar Hill

Sad truth: before coming to Athens, I had never hiked before. Scratch that, before coming to Athens, I never went outside.

It wasn’t until my freshman year that l made a hike out to Radar Hill. The trek was a bit spooky because I had to pass The Ridges during the hike, however, once you reach the top of the plateau, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the sunset. It’s sure to make you forget about the possible ghosts watching you while you walk.

Bong Hill

Another hiking destination, Bong Hill sits on the opposite side of campus in regard to The Ridges. One of the highest places in Athens someone can hike to and one of the hardest, Bong Hill not only provides a lovely view of golden hour, but also a overarching view of campus and the Hocking River.

Top of the parking garage

The Athens Parking Garage, 7 E. Washington St., is a person’s last-ditch effort to get parking in Athens. The top floor of the garage is also one of the best places to go see the sunset. It is one of the easiest if you want to have an impromptu sunset watch-party with friends or want group photos.


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