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11 unexpected student organizations to join

Taylor Johnston / Digital Managing Editor

If you are looking to make new friends doing something that you already love, or if you just want to try something new, student organizations are a great place to start.

Around the time of Welcome Weekend, Ohio University will throw an Involvement Fair on College Green where representatives from different student organizations will be present to recruit and encourage people to join.

OU has over 600 student organizations, and their profiles can be viewed on the OrgSync website. There are plenty of choices for students to branch out and find their niche, or they can join one of these unique student organizations:




This organization is centered around the sport of AcroYoga, which is a type of yoga that combines traditional yoga with acrobatics. It features the use of gravity to promote stretching and stress relief.

Bobcat Tabletop

Open to all people who want to play tabletop games, Bobcat Tabletop is a society devoted to tabletop gaming.

Hovercraft Club

Students don’t have to be an engineer to join the Hovercraft Club. Members can use their problem solving skills to design and build hovercrafts and use them in different events or games.

Jitterbug Club

OU’s only swing dance club, the Jitterbug Club meets every week during the school year to teach lessons and host occasional social dance events.

Archery Club

Learn the art of archery in OU’s Archery Club. This organization even has a team that travels and competes at the collegiate, local, state and national levels.

Kendo Club

Visit the Combative Arts room on the second floor of Ping Recreation Center to witness some martial arts. Kendo is based on samurai sword-fighting and teaches mental and physical discipline.

OU Gaming Association

Hang out and casually play video games with the members of the OU Gaming Association. Utilize one of the provided gaming consoles or bring your own. You can also bring some friends to game competitively.

OU Magician’s Association

Learn more about magic or simply be entertained in the OU Magician’s Association. With weekly meetings, members discuss new happenings in the magic community as well as practice routines in front of fellow magicians.

Sailing Team

Sail on Lake Snowden competitively or recreationally with OU’s Sailing Team. Students can join the team with or without any sailing knowledge.

Ukulele Club

Learn to play and meet others in the OU Ukulele Club. Members can learn popular songs on their ukulele and play in small gatherings or at open-mic venues like Front Room Coffeehouse.

OU Climbers

Attend bouldering trips around Athens or climbing nights at Ping’s rock wall with OU Climbers. Members with no experience are also encouraged to join.


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