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Five apps to help your daily college life

Abby Miller / News Editor

Most college students are practically tied to their phones. Make the most of your tech addiction by downloading these helpful and free apps.

Hooked Deals

“Hooked” is specifically targeted to provide students with deals for restaurants in college towns.

The app will show you a variety of time-sensitive discounts all around your new home. In Athens, you can find deals from chain restaurants to local shops. Download “Hooked” and start saving at Buffalo Wild Wings, Court Street Coffee and more.


Kelsey Boeing | Photo Editor

Hooked is an app that gives you all the best deals of food places near you.


College isn’t always an easy transition. It can be just as stressful as it can be exciting. Make sure you’re checking on your mental health during this time with WellTrack.

The app has users take a wellness assessment in order to examine stress, anxiety and depression levels. It then provides users with self-help therapy sessions to arm users with information about mental health and how to combat their issues. You may think you’re prepared for the college transition, but downloading the app, even if it’s just in case, can’t hurt.


Make mindfulness a priority this year by downloading Daylio. This is a daily mood tracker and journal all in one.

The app allows you to input your mood for any given day along with the activities you did. Then, Daylio gives you color-coded calendars and charts, so you can see your moods and habits in the bigger picture. You can also track how many times a month you complete activities, like going to Ping or grabbing a cup of coffee.

Viewing those stats can help you keep routines, be more mindful of your habits or simply serve as a way to look back on the fun things you’ve done in college so far.


Don’t be that person in your foreign language class that uses Google Translate and says something embarrassing. Since it’s free, wordreference should be your first option.

The app has dictionaries for Spanish, French, German and more languages. Not only can you look up words and short phrases, but you can also look up the conjugations of verbs in multiple tenses. This app will become your new best friend when you can’t remember the right word while doing your homework.


Going to Walmart or Kroger is just a bus or car ride away, but sometimes that’s hard for freshmen. If you get some late night cravings or simply need some groceries, goPuff has got you covered.

The retailer delivers snacks, drinks and other essentials through their app. Users pay a $1.95 delivery fee, but if you’re short on time or can’t find a ride to the store, goPuff is the perfect alternative.


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