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Overcome the hills with these shortcuts and suggestions to get around campus

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Ohio University’s campus is known to be gorgeous, but the hills around campus can be a tedious trek to overcome. Fortunately, some students have figured out a few shortcuts to make maneuvering the university easier.

For those who don’t mind stairs, there are a few options to get from East Green to College Green. Some find the stairs leading from Biddle Hall and Lincoln Hall on East Green, behind Bryan Hall, an easy alternative compared to other routes to College Green.

Gracie Bihun, a sophomore studying music education, said she likes to utilize the stairs between Robert Glidden Hall and Siegfred Hall.

“(They’re) a good alternative to bypass Jeff Hill and using the Glidden elevator,” Bihun said.



Some students have found an easier way to conquer Jefferson Hill, which doesn’t require them to walk the entire stretch of sidewalk. There’s a path behind Lincoln Hall that eliminates a small part of Jeff Hill with an easy, scenic walk.

For some people, they want to avoid stairs and hills altogether. Elizabeth Alfreno, a junior studying global studies, said she likes to utilize the elevator in Baker University Center, especially in extreme weather conditions.

“It’s halfway between my classes, so it’s a nice break to get out of the weather,” Alfreno said.

For others, specifically those living on East and South Greens, the elevator in Robert Glidden Hall is the best way to avoid Jeff Hill.

Some people, like Cassidy Mamula use the alley from Congress Street to Court Street to get uptown a little quicker.

“It gets me to Chipotle really fast,” Mamula, a sophomore studying communications, said.

For those with disabilities who find it extremely difficult to conquer the campus hills, OU Student Accessibility Services offers numerous suggestions and accommodations for those students. Carey Busch, assistant dean for accessibility, recognizes the need for some students to be individualistic.

“We do not necessarily have general directions for students on navigating campus, but may have individual conversation's based on a student’s needs,” Busch said in an email.

Busch encourages students with accessibility needs to reach out to her office as soon as possible to make the best use of the services it offers for those with disabilities.

OU Transportation and Parking Services offer a few different services for both those with disabilities and those without. Campus Area Transit Service, or CATS, buses are available and accessible for all students with routes both on and off-campus.

For those with disabilities, they offer point-to-point transportation through CATCAB services during the day. They also provide parking assistance to commuter students with disabilities.

Whether students are just trying to avoid climbing Jeff Hill or maneuvering campus, they believe there are plenty of ways to get to where they’re going.

“There are so many different ways to get to the same place on campus, so it’s just a matter of finding which is the most convenient way to take,” Alfreno said.


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