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Sexual assault resources on and off campus in Athens

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The OU Survivor Advocacy Outreach Program's office in Lindley Hall.

For incoming students, finding confidential resources to report sexual misconduct or harassment on campus can be intimidating. At Ohio University, there are campus resources if you or someone you know finds themselves in a similar situation.

OU’s Equity and Civil Rights Compliance Office, or ECRC, offers the opportunity for students to gain access to reporting sexual misconduct and finding confidential resources. Located in Lindley Hall, Room 006, it monitors harassment in the education environment, according to the website. The office also collaborates with other campus entities, like the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and University Human resources.

To report sexual misconduct to the ECRC, you can fill out the form on its website. Counseling and Psychological Services, Campus Care and the Survivor Advocacy program are also available through the university. The information can be found on this website.

There are also several off-campus resources including My Sister’s Place, a domestic violence agency that provides Athens, Hocking and Vinton counties with a 24/7 hotline, outreach counseling and an emergency shelter.

If you would like to take the legal route when reporting an incident, the Ohio University Police Department, or OUPD, located at 135 Scott Quadrangle, offers the opportunity to report the incident. Information regarding OUPD can be found on this website.

Reports can also be made to the Athens Police Department, or APD, located at 11 N. College St. The department also offers insight on the definitions of common terms that are misused regarding sexual assault.

Sexual assault is defined as any unwanted physical, emotional or sexual contact in the Ohio Revised Code. Sexual assault is a form of violence that encompasses a range of sexual actions taken against a person without the person’s consent, against the person’s will, or under force, threat of force or coercion. Legally, consent cannot be given while intoxicated since these states inhibit an aware state of mind.


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