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Here are some items you will need to start your first semester on campus

Sarah Penix / News Editor

Before getting on campus this fall, there are a couple things you might not think you’ll want, but remember, this is your new home for the next four years. Here are the items you need to pack before heading to college:

Disinfecting wipes

Stock up. Get your parents to buy you two packs. If you don’t care about germs now, you will once you experience how awful it is when you have to go to class sick. You will soon begin to fear anyone who coughs because sick days are something you will have to leave behind.

Rain boots

Some days there will be downpours, and you will still have to walk up Morton Hill. You will want a sturdy pair of rainboots. It’s worth the investment so that you’re not stuck with blisters all day.

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Five-subject notebook

With a little organization, you can keep your backpack from making your spine hurt constantly. As the day goes on, you will be thankful you don’t have to run back and forth from your dorm to get the notebook you need.

Big planner

When I say big, I mean there needs to be enough room to stay organized. You’ll be surprised how much writing down every assignment and due date helps you best manage your time, which can be a struggle during freshman year. Be sure to get a planner with room to write down weekly activities because your involvement on campus is integral to adjusting to college life. The next four years will be magical and busy, so be sure to make the most of it by planning well.

Post-it notes

The planner you were sure had enough room for everything will become crowded. It’s helpful to write down goals and obligations on a post-it; it is so satisfying to cross off completed items, and it will help prioritize time. Set up incentives to make sure you don’t miss a beat in classes or student organizations you’ve carefully selected.

Shower shoes

An old pair of flip flops have protected me from whatever germs are on the communal shower floors for the past two years. They don’t need to be fancy or nice, but don’t forget them.

Taylor Johnston | ILLUSTRATION


These are vital to both organization and the inevitable memorization you’ll have to do in classes. Flashcards are a really helpful and easy way to organize vocabulary terms and presentations. Although websites like Quizlet can be a faster way to practice, the act of writing information down is a learning method that will never go out of style.

Favorite snacks from home

Dining hall options do not always cut it for cravings. Almond butter is among the food items nearly impossible to find on campus. If you have dietary restrictions, it will take some adjustment to figure out how to eat well in the dining halls, so it’s important to stock up on your favorite snacks to not go hungry or spend an exuberant amount of money uptown.

Simple calculator

You’ll probably never need that $200 calculator your high school teachers swore by. Buy yourself an algebra calculator. They are about $10 and are required in some classes.

Sturdy backpack

Your back will thank you. Gone are the days of using cute tote bags for your books — you can’t always run back to your dorm between classes, so invest in a backpack that will carry everything you need it to while staying together.

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