Reaching the Red Carpet

A note from the editor:

Movies. They take us to places we never imagined we could go — to far off places filled with mythical creatures and magical people, or places closer to home that take a look into our everyday lives.

Movies remind us of our relationships with others, from lovers to parents. They take us back to our teenage years and allow us to evaluate where we are now.

Movies cover real-life stories with different viewpoints. They give voice to the voiceless and make people look at events in a different light.

On this page, we honor and talk about the best of the best from 2017 while remembering the best of the past. 2017 had everything from Get Out’s social perceptions to the acceptance of love in The Shape of Water, while mother-daughter relationships were at the forefront of films like Lady Bird and I, Tonya.

Here’s to the movies that make us look at life and the ones that help us escape it.

As always, thanks for reading.

-Georgia Davis, Culture Editor

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