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Evie Rose, daughter of Jon Rose, poses with her favorite inhabitant of Canary Acres Animal Sanctuary, a pig named Bernie, on Saturday, April 7, 2019. Canary Acres is a family-owned animal sanctuary in Glouster that started in early 2018, when owners Jon Rose and Devin Aeh Canary adopted Bernie.



Jim Kisor, owner of Decorative Injections, poses for a portrait inside his shop. He’s been tattooing over 20 years. “I started out thinking that I needed to try to be good at everything I could be good at,” Kisor said. “We are right here as a street shop and because there are so many people coming in, if you stuck to one particular style, you’re going to start alienating a certain crowd of people that want tattoos. I try to be as fluent with everything that I can.”


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Maya Maynard receives a haircut from barber Isaiah Dupler at The Chop Shop in Athens, Ohio, on Feb, 19, 2019. The Chop Shop, located at 20 S. Court St., is a hole-in-the-wall retro barbershop where students and adults alike can indulge in a quick trim and conversation. Despite their prevalence in big cities and film plots, barbershops like the Chop Shop have become something of a hidden gem, serving as popular places of social gathering, particularly within small towns and neighborhoods.



Steve Geisler and Casey Buchanan, OU alumni and owners of Morning Dew Hop Farm, stand for a portrait in their hop field in October 2018. The pair started their venture into the world of growing hops nearly two years ago when they purchased a 23-acre farm after discovering there was a high demand for hops in the area.


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Athens native and OU graduate Tim Martin designed the 2018 homecoming logo. The design theme, Athens State of Mind, was proposed by OU aluma Sharon Miller, because Bobcats carry the spirit of Athens wherever they go.


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Justin Markarian takes a hit from his juul against a spotlight he uses to illuminate his workspace while he works on Studio Art projects. These sleek, flash-drive-like electronic cigarettes have taken over the e-cigarette market and have become a staple for many students at Ohio University.


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Ian Butcher prepares a steak. He is the co-owner of Butcher’s Bites, a meal prepping company in Athens. He cooks about 275 meals each week to deliver to customers. “It’s nice to have 100 pounds of meat to grill and to put in headphones,” Butcher said.


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