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Robert Sochia of the Athens County EMS cleans up an ambulance after taking a patient to the emergency room at O'Bleness on Feb. 15. Local EMS are on the front lines of the drug epidemic, and use the drug naloxone to revive patients overdosing on opioids. “Back when I started, we didn't have the overdoses we have now,” Sochia said. “I went almost half my career before I had to give my first Narcan dose.”


Bharbi Hazarika | FOR THE POST

Binda Adhikari holds her younger daughter Shrenika. She and her family live in Etna Township. The Columbus suburb is home to over 30 immigrant families from Bhutan who were expelled from their native country in an ethnic cleansing attempt during the ‘90s. They spent much of their lives in refugee camps across Nepal before they were catapulted to United States as a part of a United Nations third country resettlement. About one-sixth of the Bhutanese population was cast out of the nation and had to seek refuge in the neighboring countries such as India and Nepal. The Adhikari family lived in a refugee camp before moving to Arizona and then finally settling down in Ohio.


Hannah Ruhoff | PHOTO EDITOR

Hocking County Municipal Court Judge Fred Moses presides over a drug court meeting on Sept. 27. Moses’ drug court is a specialized docket designed to help people recover from addiction. “We're here to help people,” Moses said after his drug court met that day. “We really try to treat people like human beings.”


Emilee Chinn | PHOTO EDITOR

James Benson, left, and Jacob Kovolisky, right, congratulate Maryjane Heckel on her first fire that they put out in Nelsonville on Thursday, October 18. The property owners were burning trash and left it unattended.


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