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The Post’s culture staff picks its favorite spots in Athens

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Athens offers many great places to eat, study or catch some zzz’s. If you’re new to Athens or are just looking for a different place to check out, here are the places you should go.

Favorite place to eat Uptown:


Casa Nueva Restaurant and Cantina

Georgia Davis — Ginger Asian Kitchen. It’s cheap Asian food that tastes super good.

Mae Yen Yap — Fusion Noodle Company. It’s not for everyone, but I really like their wraps.

Kevin Pan — Chipotle. Is there anything else you need to say?

Emily Doll — Big Mama’s Burritos. Reasonable price, gigantic burritos. What's not to love?

Alexis Eichelberger –– Casa Nueva Restaurant & Cantina. It’s a little pricey but worth the occasional splurge.

Alex Darus — I want to die with a Varla dog and cheese fries from O’Betty’s Red Hot in my hands.

Favorite place to study:

Georgia — Well, when I do study, it’s in my dorm room an hour before my exam.

Mae — The Very Quiet Study Room on the fourth floor of Alden Library.

Kevin — What’s studying?

Emily — Schoonover Center for sure. I plop myself in those lobby chairs by the fake fireplace.

Alexis –– The upstairs of Donkey Coffee and Espresso.

Alex — On my walk to class while I look at a Google Doc on my phone.

Favorite green:

Alex Driehaus | FILE

Bush Lawn is one of the focal points of East Green life.

Georgia — West is best. ‘Nough said.

Mae — College Green. It’s the only green I frequently pass by now.

Kevin — West Green Best Green. You know it’s true because it rhymes.

Emily — College Green.

Alexis –– East is the prettiest. The hills are killer, though.

Alex — We all fall in love with the green we first lived on, but they all smell like garbage.

Favorite dining hall:

Georgia — The District on West Green is good all of the time. Nelson Court is the place to go for all-day breakfast foods.

Mae — I don’t like the dining halls so ... my kitchen since I live off-campus. #blessed

Kevin — The District on West Green!

Emily — The District on West Green for dayz.

Alexis –– The District on West Green.

Alex –– I hate every dining hall. I’m all about elegant dorm eating. Maybe I’ll write a blog about it.

Favorite place to buy an OU t-shirt:

Sam Saccone | FILE

College Book Store

Georgia — Uptown Dog T-Shirts. They have the “Muck Fiami” shirts and other funny tees.

Mae — I don’t own any because I don’t have the muns, lol.

Kevin — Idk, I get them for free from the games.

Emily — I don't spend money hahaha.

Alexis –– College Book Store has the best selection.

Alex — The only OU shirts I own are from first few days of freshman year when they just handed out a bunch for free.

Favorite shop Uptown:

Georgia — I don’t have any money to spend, so I don’t shop Uptown often. #PoorCollegeStudent. I do like to look at the weird stuff in Artifacts Gallery, though.

Mae — I like buying half-off stickers at Cross Court Cards & Gifts.

Kevin — Chipotle. They sell a great product, highly recommend.

Emily — It's not a shop, but Fluff Bakery and Catering has dollar day-old pastries, which is a deal.

Alexis –– Import House is always a fun trip even if you don’t plan on buying anything.

Alex — I like walking around Athens Underground, but I rarely buy anything unless my mom’s in town and she hooks me up.

Favorite place to relax:

Robin Hecker | FILE

Evan Smith, a library assistant, shelf-reads in the stacks of Alden Library. From its egg chairs to the stacks, Alden is a popular spot among the Culture staff.

Georgia — I like to relax in my dorm by drinking apple juice, eating Cheez-its and watching Netflix.

Mae — The egg chairs in Alden are very comfortable. I know they’re probably filled with germs, but they are too comfy to resist.

Kevin — Chipotle, great atmosphere, great smell, great crowd and there’s great food nearby.

Emily — Hammocking / sitting on a blanket on College Green.

Alexis –– Under a tree with a book.

Alex — In my king size bed in my dorm that I made by pushing two twin beds together. #LifeOfLuxury

Favorite place to grab coffee:

Georgia — Donkey Coffee has a good mocha.

Mae — If I have time, Donkey Coffee. If I’m on the way to class, Court Street Coffee.

Kevin — I’ve never really asked if Chipotle sells coffee, but I’m sure it would be good.

Emily — Donkey Coffee if ya got the cash.

Alexis –– Donkey Coffee or Brenen’s Coffee Cafe.

Alex — Again, I live an elegant dorm life. I have fresh beans my dad hand roasted and a Chemex coffee pot because I’m a brat, so that’s my fav.

Favorite place to enjoy nature:

Georgia — The amphitheater behind Scripps Hall. It’s a good place to chill and look for four-leaf clovers. I’m not adventurous and have not hiked the nearby hills, so I’m not the best person to answer this.

Mae –– I hate being outside, so I like to sit in the egg chairs in Alden and look out the windows.

Kevin — Have you seen the lettuce at Chipotle? Also, the tree across the street is on point. And the food served is all-natural.

Emily — College Green is always the move.

Alexis –– I love going on bike rides on the bike path.

Alex — I’m with Alexis. I like running on the bike path early in the morning when no one is there so they don’t see me huffing and puffing after running for only, like, 20 minutes. It also makes me feel like I have my life together.

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