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Best one-of-a-kind foods in Athens

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A new academic year beginning means new freshman and an influx of students eating in the dining halls. We all know dining hall food can get a bit old after a while, though, so here are some of the best one-of-a-kind foods throughout Athens to try if you’re looking for a change.

Union Street Diner milkshakes

Signature Athens Food

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milkshake iconUnion Street Diner, 70 W. Union St., is known for being open 24/7 and having great food and a great staff, but the diner’s milkshakes are basically unbeatable by any other place in town. No matter what milkshake you get, it’ll be a good choice.

Lucky’s Sports Tavern cheese sticks

cheese sticks iconThink of mozzarella sticks, but even better. Each mozzarella stick from Lucky’s, 11 N. Court St., is hand-made right before you eat it and has dough loaded with cheesy goodness. Dipped in marinara sauce, they are a long shot from the freeze-dried sticks you find at the store, and they’re at least twice the size. To top it off, on Fridays you can get as many cheese sticks as you want for 50 cents each.

O'Betty's Red Hot cheese fries

french fries iconThese fries are known as some of the best food after a late night on Court Street, and they’ve earned their title. Basically anything from O’Betty’s, 11 W. State St., is amazing, especially the cheese fries. If you’re feeling extra famished, add some chili as a bonus to end a great night.

Uptown Grill’s chicken and waffles sandwich

chicken and waffles iconThe line for Uptown Grill, 11 W. Union St., going all the way down to Buffalo Wild Wings on a weeknight says everything about the chicken and waffle sandwich. It may sound a little odd — and that there’s no way a chicken and waffle sandwich would sound good — but give it a try. Many students swear by them.

The Pub’s burgers

hamburger iconThe Pub, 39 N. Court St., is one of the best places to go for burgers. They are super cheap, and they have a massive selection. One of their burger recipes has been around since 1974, so you know it’s a good choice.   

Signature Athens Food

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The Pub, located on Court Street, is known for it’s cheeseburgers and classic bar food.

Whit's Frozen Custard

ice cream iconWhit’s, 49 S. Court St., is the place in Athens to go for a cold treat. The frozen custard is known for being made fresh daily. The shops also has weekly flavors that are different throughout the year. Whit’s also has about 30 toppings to choose from, so you can go wild and put anything you want on your frozen custard.

Take a break from the dining halls and try out any of those signature Athens restaurants.

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