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No matter where your next class is, there’s an uptown cafe nearby

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Whether sipping on coffee or energy drinks, Ohio University students find one way or another to get their caffeine fix to help stay awake during morning classes.

Choosing where to purchase coffee Uptown is not only a matter of figuring out which coffee shop has the most cost-effective drinks, it also depends on the location of the cafe in relation to class buildings.

Those coming from West Union Street, Bromley Hall or heading toward Schoonover Center are closest to Whit’s Frozen Custard and Coffee House, 49 S. Court. Those who go to Whit’s with any sized thermos can have it filled with light, medium or dark roast coffee for $1.

Besides coffee, Whit’s also offers vanilla and chocolate custard with a variety of toppings that can be added.

“We’re a hybrid coffee shop. We’re not just coffee, we also offer frozen custard and other kinds of delicious treats,” Jason Miller, the general manager of Whit’s, said.

Whit’s specialty drink is the “affogato” which is a scoop of vanilla custard in a shot of hot espresso. Whether a customer chooses to add chocolate drizzle or not, an affogato costs $3.

Those traveling up Court Street toward Bentley Hall or Copeland Hall are closest to Court Street Coffee, 67 S. Court. A small light or medium roast from Court Street Coffee costs $1.75.

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Each month, they offer a different specialty drink.

“Our specialty drinks vary from fruity ones to chocolatey ones,” Jake Braden, a barista at Court Street Coffee, said.

Specialty drinks at Court Street Coffee range from $3.90 to $4.50 for a 16 ounce drink. The price depends on whether a customer wants his or her drink made hot or cold.

Braden said the close bond of the baristas behind the counter and the energy that bond creates is what sets the cafe apart from others.

A little farther up Court Street is Brenen’s Coffee Cafe, 38 S. Court. For $2, students can get a small cup of coffee filled with one of the many varieties of roasts the cafe offers. Also applies to a regular cup of coffee. Aside from traditional light, medium and dark roasts, Brenen’s also offers an organic Costa Rican blend as well as a Highland Grogg blend.

“I think we have, in my opinion, way more space and way more seating for studying,” Josh Thomas, Brenen’s owner and OU alumnus, said. “Our service is pretty fast. We’re efficient for getting people out of here on time. Those two things really set us apart.”

The specialty drink offered at Brenen’s changes every month. The price of a specialty drink can vary from $3.75 to $4.75.

Those coming to campus from Washington Street can make a quick stop at Donkey Coffee and Espresso, 17 W. Washington. A small cup of light, medium or dark fair-trade certified coffee at Donkey is $1.95.

“We have a ton of specialty drinks. We make all of our stuff like fancy, traditional Italian style,” Katie Campbell, barista and OU alumna, said. “It changes every month so it gives us opportunity to do really fun things with coffee.”

The drink of the month at Donkey can range from $4.30 to $4.50 for a large and $3.50 to $3.90 for a small. The price depends on how much syrup is added to the drink.

Campbell said the most alluring part of Donkey is the laid-back, family-friendly atmosphere of the cafe.

“Everyone’s just very casual which I think a lot of times going into a new coffee shop can be intimidating but I feel like it’s the opposite here,” Campbell said.

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