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Why ‘The Post’ decided to create the Nellis Edition

When something influential happens on Ohio University’s campus or in Athens, The Post is there to cover it. Whether it’s a protest or national elections, we’re there to explain what’s happening and how it will affect you as students, faculty, staff, and Athens residents.


That’s why The Post has dedicated an edition of our weekly tabloid to new OU President Duane Nellis, as he navigates the first few months of his administration.


We appreciate Nellis’ willingness to work with reporters for this edition. In talking with The Post, he provided great insight into his goals and policies. We think others should be aware of those as well, which is why we’re excited to share the Nellis Edition with you.


OU President Roderick McDavis began his tenure by giving one of his first interviews to The Post, and in February, during his last week on campus, he gave one of his last. For many of us at The Post, McDavis’ exit interview story was one of our favorites of last year.


During the past few years, we didn’t get the chance to talk to McDavis as much as we would have liked. More open communication would have been an excellent experience for both our reporters and readers alike.


This year, and in the coming years, we hope President Nellis will commit to transparency in his administration. The best way to accurately, fairly and fully cover the university — and the people it serves — is through access to the president and university officials as a whole. As a result, we hope President Nellis will work to develop a strong relationship with local media outlets, including The Post.


We also hope that President Nellis will be visible and available to students, faculty and staff on campus. It’s crucial for those groups to be able to see, talk to and voice complaints to the president, and we appreciate that Nellis has been out talking to students and interacting with different people throughout campus and the city.


Welcome to OU, President Nellis. We hope you do great things during your time here, and we hope to look back on your administration and say the university is better for it. Whatever happens, The Post will be there to cover it.

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