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October 6, 2021

Upperclassmen take on Homecoming weekend

By Hannah Campbell | Assistant Opinion Editor

H omecoming week is finally here, and now more than ever do bobcats need a little cheer. The stress of midterms, the spread of the “Athens plague” and the overall chaos of college has everyone looking forward to this monumental celebration.

As a sophomore, I missed out on so many important events last year including Homecoming weekend. If you’re like me, it definitely makes you feel like a freshman again. With so many underclassmen who, like me, are experiencing this tradition for the first time, I decided to ask upperclassmen their favorite memories and tips for surviving the weekend.

Kearsten Miller, a senior studying music education and vocal performance, will be marching in this year’s parade with the co-ed fraternity Alpha Psi Lambda. She says that her favorite memory from past homecomings is interacting with alumni from her fraternity.

Miller also explained that she feels a sense of community beyond her student organizations during Homecoming.

“Homecoming has also given me a sense of community because so many different groups are coming together to make these events even possible,” Miller said.

Unlike Miller, Riley Denney, a junior studying early childhood education, has never marched in the parade. However, she said it was her favorite memory during freshman year when she watched it for the first time.

“It was so cool to see all of the different student organizations take part in it and get everyone on campus hyped for Homecoming,” Denney said. “Homecoming weekend is my favorite weekend of the year at OU.”

Despite the city’s Halloween block party being cancelled due to an increase in COVID-19 cases, Homecoming celebrations still seem to be taking place as normal with no significant adjustments being made.

Miller said that this year’s parade will be closer to past ones, despite COVID-19 concerns.

“I do think the attempt of having a more normal homecoming this year is the main focus and plan, but I am not sure how safe that will truly be,” Miller said. “Most Homecoming events are held outside, so that helps with the air circulating. Since the events are throughout this week, there is not much room anymore for change, so I think it will be as close to normal as they can get it.”

Denney said that she’s thrilled for the upcoming events and hopes that it will be as close to past years’ weekends as possible.

“I do think Homecoming will be as normal as possible this year, thankfully,” Denney said. “I’m super excited to hear that all of the normal activities are happening, such as the pep rally with the band and the parade. Homecoming is such an exciting weekend and I can’t wait for the underclassman to get to experience it this year.”

Homecoming weekend can be intense, especially for underclassmen who have never experienced it before. Miller says the best tip for surviving the weekend is to not drain your energy by participating in too many activities in one day.

“There will be an entire weekend of events, so you do not need to give all of your energy to one,” Miller said. “Also, take this time to sleep in when you can. Most events go almost all day, so you do not need to get there right when it starts.”

Denney explained that the best way to get through the hectic weekend is to drink water, get some rest and enjoy the celebration.

“Soak up every minute because it goes so fast and soon enough it will be your last OU Homecoming,” Denney said.

Many students are upset about what COVID-19 has taken away, like Halloween Weekend. We should, however, appreciate that we can still celebrate this tradition. It’s especially important for underclassmen to participate since we already missed out on many other important events. So, get ready Bobcats, because this Homecoming will definitely be one to remember.

Hannah Campbell is a sophomore studying journalism at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnist do not reflect those of The Post. Do you agree? Tell Hannah by tweeting her at @hannahcmpbell.

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