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Homecoming Survival Guide

October 5, 2021

Five tips for surviving the big weekend

By Juliana Colant | For The Post

S urviving homecoming can be a challenging feat, but not if done the right way. Homecoming is basically a weekend whirlwind of celebrating school spirit, ongoing events and no sleep. Homecoming weekend puts stamina to the test and, above all, creates lifelong memories. Following these tips will have you not just surviving the upcoming weekend, but also thriving.

Stay hydrated

Among all the beverages being consumed on homecoming, water is the most essential. Try carrying around a water bottle, so it's always on hand, or try switching up your drink order by adding a glass of water. Dehydration can take a toll and when you're not feeling your best, surviving the day can be a struggle — being dehydrated leads to headaches and feeling dizzy, which no one enjoys.


If preparing for a long day ahead after an even longer night, lean on caffeine. People looking for an energy boost between the festivities and the football game should swing by a local coffee shop. If coffee isn't your thing, or it's too late in the day, grab an energy drink from a gas station or grocery store. It's not healthy to depend on caffeine constantly, but homecoming is a special occasion when it comes in handy.

Get ahead on homework

Get ahead instead of waiting until the last minute to turn in those assignments due Sunday at midnight. Plan ahead of time the week before and turn in all weekend assignments before Saturday. The quality of work is bound to turn out better if done in advance rather than rushing to turn something in on Sunday morning. To help make homework more fun, get a group of friends together and have a study session during the week so everyone is prepared by the time Friday rolls around. Homecoming weekend is meant to be a time to relax and have fun with friends — not a time to stress about looming deadlines or finishing homework.


Practicing self-care is an essential aspect of everyday life and don't let it slip as a priority during homecoming weekend. Make sure to get plenty of sleep the week prior. The National Sleep Foundation suggests healthy adults get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Calm your puffy eyes and dark circles with cooling eye gel pads like these from Amazon. Touch up under-eye bags with concealer. Lastly, don’t forget your skin-care routine, even if it's only taking off your makeup and washing your face.

Don't forget to eat

Among all the commotion and chaos of homecoming, it’s easy to forget to eat. Take a moment to recharge, whether it's a quick slice of pizza or a sit-down meal. Eating helps absorb the alcohol in your system and will help you continue on after screaming the whole football game. If near Court Street, places like Souvlaki's or Goodfella's make a good food pit stop. Broney's Alumni Grill or The Pigskin are good sit-down eats.

AUTHOR: Juliana Colant
EDITOR: Emma Dollenmayer
COPY EDITOR: Anna Garnai
ILLUSTRATION: Olivia Juenger