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Blake Guffey reflects on two impressive seasons

April, 2022

Meet Trimble standout Blake Guffey

By Emma Erion | For The Post

Blake Guffey has been tied to football and basketball for almost his entire life, and that dedication has slowly paid off.

Guffey has blossomed into one of Trimble’s most versatile athletes, excelling in both football and basketball. He is Trimble's all-time leading scorer in boys’ basketball with 1,824 points to his name. In football, Guffey has committed to Notre Dame College to play as a wide receiver next season.

The senior’s accomplishments haven’t gone unnoticed. Guffey was the only player to receive First Team All-Ohio honors this season in both basketball and football. The Post spoke with Guffey to discuss his success in both sports.

The Post: When you were a kid, what interested you first? Did you start off with football and then get into basketball or was it always both at the same time?

Guffey: It really depends on what sport I was in season for. Basketball would be my favorite, and then football season would be my guaranteed favorite. Especially since I was always told, “You gotta be football, you gotta be football.” So that was really calling me later in life to do football.

TP: What made you choose to continue pursuing both in high school?

Guffey: Basically, I just love the game for both sports. I knew what I could do if I just kept working out harder and harder. My dream has always been like college football or college basketball, and I accomplished one of those goals now.

TP: What would you say you’ve gained from playing football and basketball for your community?

Guffey: I’ve gained a lot of trust and leadership, especially leadership. During basketball season, our coach has helped us a lot just to be able to learn about leadership and how to be a leader. Especially these past two years, with not having really many seniors last year. We had to step up as juniors to be leaders and then as seniors, we knew our role and it just helps you become a better player and a better person overall.

TP: Has all of the support from your community helped you with your success?

Guffey: Basically, the coaches have been there all along. They will help you get wherever you want. They’ll do whatever they can possibly do to help you achieve what you want to achieve. The community will also pitch in and they’ll help do their part by supporting you along the way and just cheering you on at games. I love playing games with them because that’s the best atmosphere around by far.

TP: Would you say your coaches are big inspirations for you?

Guffey: We have many, many coaches for each and every sport . I mean for football, our coaches line the sidelines, sometimes we’ll have more coaches than players. It’s really nice, especially at the high school level. You don’t get that experience anywhere else I don’t think. Our coaches, they just have so much knowledge about the game, and it’s just amazing having them be able to help you all the time and if you have any questions about certain things they know the answer.

TP: Does it ever get draining trying to keep up with both football and basketball?

Guffey: It’s definitely tough. But the right recovery and workout program is a big factor in not being able to wear yourself out. You just have to be smart with it to help you be 90-100% at all times. Our coaches know that. We’ll have a couple of days where it’s just like mellow, where everyone can just rest and recover and get back to playing.

TP: What does it feel like to be the only player in Ohio to get First Team All-Ohio honors for football and basketball?

Guffey: Honestly it is amazing, especially knowing all the hard work I have put in. Again, I’ve got to thank the coaches, because without them I would not be in this position. I may be taking the credit, but they need to be taking most of the credit.

AUTHOR: Emma Erion
EDITOR: Jack Gleckler