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Southeast Ohio Getaways

April 12, 2022

6 unique Southeast Ohio getaway locations

By Mimi Calhoun & Maggie Palma | For The Post

Whether planning a romantic getaway, family vacation or just an escape on your own, Southeast Ohio has plenty one-of-a-kind lodging experiences to choose from. Ohio offers so many magical and memorable destinations, no matter where you stay. Pick anything from modern geodomes, medieval castles or revamped shipping containers. Book your stay soon because these spots fill up fast! Here are six options for your next escape:

Pass your time in a canopy of trees

See Hocking Hills in a different way: 20 feet off the ground. Hocking Hills offers plenty of cozy treehouses near the trails for your next getaway. The houses give a bird’s eye view of the State Park, just minutes away from all of the activities of Hocking Hills State Park. Many of the treehouses around Hocking Hills have hot tubs and fire pits to relax during your stay in Southeast Ohio.

Stay in a suite fit for a royal

Surround yourself with Medieval themed decor and games at Ravenwood Castle. Located in New Plymouth, Ohio, which is 12 minutes away from Hocking Hills, there are plenty of things to do during your stay. The castle hosts scavenger hunts, murder mysteries, beer tastings, lifesized chess and many more activites to spend your time. The castle has seven suites inside and nine cottages on the grounds. The remote location is a perfect place to unplug from technology!

Vacation with wild animals

Experience The Wilds in a whole new way in a private yurt. The Wilds are owned by The Columbus Zoo and are located in Zanesville, Ohio. There are yurts to reserve and plenty of excursions on the conservatory. All excursions come with an extra cost, but The Wilds offer tours, ziplines and plenty of safaris across the grounds.

Spend time in a box hop

Take the time and head somewhere secluded with a box hop vacation. Made from old shipping containers, these places allow for luxury camping to meet the great outdoors of Hocking Hills. There are three types of houses: the OG Box Hop that’s simple and modern, the BoHo Box Hop that’s compact and intimate and the Hygge Box Hop that’s cozy and comfortable.

Stay the night in a geodome

Experience a new way of getaway by sleeping in a geodome. Located at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, the geodomes mix contemporary living with rustic aesthetics. The dome comes with its own kitchen and appliances, living space, indoor plumbing and electricity. It’s the perfect spot for a solo or couple trip.

Enjoy a unique yurt trip

Also located at the Inn and & Spa at Cedar Falls, try an alternative to the geodomes and spend a night in a yurt instead. Used by Central Asian nomads, these yurts bring a modern Pacific-style flair to the lodging experience. Immerse yourself in nature and take in all that Southeast Ohio has to offer.

AUTHOR: Mimi Calhoun & Maggie Palma
EDITOR: Mady Lewellyn
COPY EDITOR: Anna Garnai
PHOTO: Provided by Inn & Spa at Cedar Hills