Headshot of Kayla Bennet | For The Post

Headshot of Kayla Bennet | For The Post

What happens if Biden wins?

November 3, 2020

Bennett's Ballot: The United States looks different with Biden winning the election.

By Kayla Bennett | For The Post

A merica, run by Joe Biden, is one word: tense. Donald Trump supporters are itching for another topic to attack Biden on and cannot wrap their heads around defeat. Meanwhile, Gen Z is anticipating the four years ahead with “the lesser of two evils.”

With the defeat of Trump, America is not silent. In fact, rallies break out around America claiming that the defeat was a scam, rigged even. Trump supporters are wondering what to do with their “Trump 2020” signs.

At the White House, Trump cannot maturely leave office. He has already made himself comfortable for another four years. He approaches his exit using slander and vulgarity. He will stop at nothing to get a recount and voice a claim that the government has conspired against him. Trump himself will remain active on Twitter and create an even louder platform than he has now.

There is a lack of acceptance amongst the Trump voters. Violence might be the answer: the world is set up to be divided due to the two-party system, but this outcome makes matters worse. Violence may occur due to inability to see a future with anyone besides Trump.

As a nation, we are divided — welcome to America with Biden as president.

With Biden’s win, hopefully he will have won in a landslide, flipping the Senate and becoming in power in both chambers of congress. A blue wave could transpire. However, that would be the best-case scenario for Biden.

IHe will be stepping into office at a pivotal time for America and needs to act with ambition and diligence. Biden needs to do something big in his early stages, but he will not be gaining the support of Trump supporters anytime soon or, most likely, ever.

Biden installs many new plans in his first 100 days of presidency. The pandemic will be the first thing tackled. Influenced by left-wing politics, Biden will mandate masks and possibly a vaccine.

Obviously, health care needs to be easily obtained to curb the pandemic, with multiple risks. Biden, hopefully, will make health care affordable for everyone. He intends to protect The Affordable Care Act and plans to create more affordable methods.

OMaybe with Biden, women will finally have a chance to breathe. This year has been an endless fight for reproductive rights, with threats against Roe v. Wade. Abortion will be included in his Affordable Care Act. In fact, Biden is publicly endorsed by Planned Parenthood.

Although this is an ambitious claim in itself, Biden has a plan to better the U.S. economy by creating 7.4 million more jobs for Americans. Biden’s win would be a step in the right direction for the economy.

Climate change is obviously an issue. Biden plans to abide by some tenants of the Green New Deal, which plans to increase jobs, social justice and reduced emissions. Effects would not be seen until 205o and result in the spending of $1.7 trillion. With all the money spent, Biden needs to reduce America’s carbon footprint, which is a crucial step toward saving the climate.

Social justice is in arms reach for America with Biden in power. The American criminal justice system is a mess. Biden plans to reduce the number of those incarcerated in America and, hopefully, this means to stop the war on drugs. Biden believes in second chances, and that is an America I want to live in.

He also has been a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and speaks about his hatred for systematic racism. Socially, Biden can help pursue a world where everyone can comfortably be accepted.

Biden has made mistakes in his career and will continue to do so, but he might be the only hope for America to create the foundation of a nation that supports human rights.

Kayla Bennett is a freshman studying journalism. Please note that the views and ideas of columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Want to talk to Kayla? Tweet her @kkayyben.

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