President Donald J. Trump speaks at his Make America Great Again Rally in Circleville, Ohio, on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020.

President Donald J. Trump speaks at his Make America Great Again Rally in Circleville, Ohio, on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020.

Ohio Votes Red

November 5, 2020

Trump wins Ohio General Election

By Grant Ritchey | For The Post

S itting U.S. President Donald Trump will receive the state of Ohio’s 18 electoral votes after winning Ohio’s general presidential election.

53.3% of Ohioans voted in favor of Trump, while 45.1% of Ohians voted in favor of Biden.

In Athens County, 41.8% of voters cast their ballots for Trump, and 56.5% voted for Biden.

Eighty-one counties voted for Trump, while seven counties voted for Biden.

Trump won Ohio by 8% in 2016 and won by about 8.4% this year.

Early voting began in Ohio on Oct. 6, setting a record breaking month for early absentee voting.

In 2016, Trump won by about 51%, while Clinton lost with about 43.% of the votes.

Chase Conklin, the president of Ohio University College Republicans and a junior studying environmental geography, said he thinks the nation will still be divided, no matter who ends up being president. However, he thinks that division will be larger if Trump is elected.

With COVID-19 being one of the key issues for the 2020 election, Trump and Biden have two different models when it comes to battling the virus. Trump wants to have a vaccine available by the end of the year, though he hasn’t released a COVID-19 action plan for his second term. The White House plans on creating 300 million doses of the vaccine by January 2021.

Biden’s plan is to increase federal spending by letting essential places like schools and hospitals have access to PPE materials. Biden would also be an advocate for a treatment and vaccine for the coronavirus and also wants to help communities and ethnicities that are disproportionately being affected by COVID-19.

Trump’s plan for taxes is to keep the individual income tax, which will cost the federal government $1.5 trillion, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

Biden’s tax plan includes a tax increase for people who make earnings above $400,000. Biden’s tax plan also includes a rise in income tax rate of 39.6% from 37%. Biden’s tax plan will increase revenue by $4 trillion between 2021 to 2030, according to the Tax Policy Center.

“I will be sorely disappointed,” Andrea Reik, a volunteer with the Athens County Democratic Party, said of a Trump victory. “We have a lot to work on.”

AUTHOR: Grant Ritchey
EDITOR: Nolan Simmons
COPY EDITOR: Bre Offenberger
PHOTO: Joe Timmerman