Donald Trump has been announced as the 45th president of the United States.

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218 votes
279 votes
Hillary Clinton
270 Electoral Votes to Win
Donald Trump

Ohio and why it matters

I f Ohio didn't matter, Cleveland wouldn’t have hosted the Republican National Convention (and Columbus wouldn't have been a final contender for the Democratic National Convention). Ohioans wouldn’t have sat through more political ads than almost anyone in the country. The state probably wouldn’t have been on the receiving end of so many campaign stops.

Politicians want to win Ohios’ votes. The state’s 18 electoral votes are a much-needed boost on the path to the White House, and it can be hard to predict which party will win the state from election to election.

2016 is no different — although the race is close, some polls predict a Donald Trump victory in the state, while others say Hillary Clinton may edge out an Ohio win. Some models won’t call the state in either direction.

Stay with The Post during election night and all week to learn how Ohio votes and what the election means going forward.

County data via The New York Times

The Race for Ohio: President

Clinton (43.51%)
Trump (52.05%)

Final Update: 3:44 am

The above bar chart represents the percentage of the popular vote in Ohio each candidate has gathered. The state — and its 18 electoral college votes — will be won when one candidate secures more than 50 percent of the total vote.

The Down-Ballot Races

Each of the races below will be updated live throughout the night with the most recent polling data. When a race is decided, the live charts will be replaced with a link to our story about the winner.

Final: 12:45 am

U.S. Senate

Rob Portman (R)

The AP called the race for Ohio's representative in the U.S. Senate. The Post's story about the results is below.

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U.S. House of Representatives

Steve Stivers (R)

The New York Times called the race for Ohio's seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Post's full story is linked below.

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Ohio Senate

Frank Hoagland (R)

Ohio's Secretary of State called the race for Ohio's 30th district representative in the Ohio State Senate. The Post's story is below.

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Ohio House of Representatives

Jay Edwards (R)

According to data from the Ohio Secretary of State, the race for Ohio's 94th Disctrict representative in the Ohio House of Representatives can be called. The Post's story is below.

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